Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gordon Ramsey Got His Fingers Burnt - But NOT In The Kitchen

Gordon Ramsey must be feeling like those contestants on his show Hell's Kitchen after he has given them a bollocking - totally humiliated.

It has been revealed everywhere that he has been having a seven year affair with Sarah Symonds, a professional mistress.

Details of their tryst have been revealed in that quality rag http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk. They kindly told us that Gordon likes to dabble in amyl nitrate.

Now a few questions were raised in my mine about the article. How in the hell does he find the time to have an affair, and how do you drink two bottles of wine in 75 minutes?

Anyway Tania his wife is standing by him at this point. And I presume Ramsay is trying to hunt down the person who leaked the story to the tabloids. I wouldn't want to be that person once he finds out who it is as they will be totally roasted.

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