Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Onadrought updates on The Biggest Loser

Well, the $50,000 question was would Michelle, take the money and run, or should I say set herself up very nicely for a 20 year old, or forgo this once in a life opportunity for the chance to be kicked out at the end of the week anyway? She said it was a difficult decision as did AJ, to build up the suspense of what should have been a no-brainer, so I have to agree with Cosi that it was extremely stupid to stay in. As Cosi said, "this is a world first, someone staying in for the people and the experience" and as he said to her "if you haven't got the nutrition down pat now, then you're not going to." Totally agree. I mean, apparently she's got 20kgs to go, so even at moderate weightloss on the outside she'd be thin in half a year and $50,000 richer. Of course, as history has shown, most of the Losers put the weight back on anyway, so we'll see a New Idea story in a year titled, "She's twice the size and broke".

Of course, the show could be rigged. The producers probably told her Mum who visited yesterday to tell her to stay in, and Bob in the U.S to tell her to take it, so ooh, ah we have the suspense of "what would she do?". By the way, has anyone else noticed that the contestants parents are not fat? If the contestants just ate what they ate, they wouldn't even need the Biggest Loser.

Well, JJ went AWOL for good. Anyway, he's weight was down a bit now so probably doesn't need it so much. On Oprah last week, a doctor said that for every 35 pounds a guy lost, he grew an inch in penis length. Does this mean we could call JJ Donkey Dick? What does it matter anyway when the only ones to see it will be the pros he makes use of when he is out on the road.

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Reality Raver said...

I cannot believe she did not take the money.

Her self esteem is probably so low that she actually cared what her team mates and the general public would have thought of her of her by diminishing the prize pool by $50,000.

I don't believe in living life with regrets, but I reckon this is one regret she will have to live with for quite sometime.