Monday, March 24, 2008

American Idol tidbits

Josiah Lemming Scores a Major Record Deal.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry states that Josiah Lemming the supposedly homeless kid who just missed out on making the top 24 on American Idol, now has a major record deal with Warner Bros.

This kid sings with a british accent so it would have been interesting to hear him sing the Beatles songs.

A lot of musos who were to cool to audition for Idol this year will be quietly seething - Josiah did not have to go through the final's theme nights, so did not lose any of his musical credibility by having to sing disco. But in less then 15 mins on TV he managed to score a record contract. That has got to be easier then slogging it out in grungy pubs night after night.

David Archuleta - Will He Carry The Curse of a Front Runner.
In the Chicago Sun Times there is an interesting article regarding the curse of being an American Idol front runner.

Only one front runner has ever won it and that was Carrie Underwood. The American Idol Season 1 front runner talks about what a hex this status can be.

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soobee said...

I had no idea about Paula. I don't like her new single at all (or the video, sadly), but I have always felt that she was inarticulate but genuine and honest and I've appreciated that.

I do not think it is a shoo-in for David Archuleta. I personally have begun voting for David Cook, b/c he reminds me of Chris Daughtry (whom I should have voted for more often, but thought he'd win without my help; wrong!. David C is cute and talented as well as self-assured but not too cocky (again, Daughtry-like). I do not know how genuine David A is, and I don't think he is as versatile as an American Idol should be. Maybe it's just because a 17-year-old won last year and I'd like someone older to have a chance.