Sunday, March 2, 2008

Jason Coleman - Who Magazine interview

Who Magazine has done an interview with So You Think You Can Dance judge Jason Coleman. Unfortunately no link online.

Summarised for those who are interested:

  • His brand new car is a hummer. Clearly he is a person that likes to be noticed, and what do they say about men with big cars?????
  • He was a judge on the show Popstars in 2001;
  • Plans to open the southern hemispehere's biggest commercial dance studio in Melbourne in 2009;
  • David Atkins is his mentor who cast him as the lead in more then 10 of his large-scale productions;
  • Danced back up at rock concerts for Bee Gees, Chaka Khan, and Tina Turner;
  • Doing the choreography for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies was his "career highlight";
  • He does not drink tea, coffee or alcohol;
  • Parenthood is on the radar, I presume this is in the Todd McKenny way of doing fatherhood,
  • He dances everyday "Even if it's in my living room, or freestyling at the traffic lights;
  • His favourite piece of clothing is a tricollared pink Christian Dior shirt, worn open to show off his well-defined chest; Did he wear that one night on tv?
  • Kelley Abbey is his long-time dance partner, and another David Atkins protegee;
  • His mantra is "I am so lucky".

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