Saturday, March 15, 2008

It Takes Two - Was it a coincidence that Chole Maxwell got booted the first week of footy season?

I have not been watching It Takes Two from week 2 as the format just bored me, and I realised that was two hours of my life I was not going to get back.

However I have been keeping tabs on who has been getting eliminated.

I thought it ironic that Chloe Maxwell, mother and partner of Titans Goldcoast rugby league player Matt Rogers, was eliminated the week the NRL competition was about to start.

With two young babies was this what she requested in her contract, so she could go back to being the main caregiver, so he can concentrate on his job.

Anyway I thought her likeability factor was high, and for fans here is an interview from Who Magazine/

I am surprised that Candice Falzon and Anthony Callea are still in, especially after that kiss which was about as convincing as an Ab Blaster commercial. He must have has a huge personal following.

However in TV Week suggests Anthony Callea is a hard task master, and loses his temper with Candice when she doesn't meet his high standards.

Paul O'Brien revealed "I saw Candice when she was arriving and she said , 'I had to go away and have a swim after Anthony walked off stage because I couldn't hit a note',".

"I think he does push [Candice] very hard,"

"He wants to win and he's done these sorts of competitions before, so he has an eye for what gets votes - and high notes get votes. He's very sure of himself. He knows what he likes and doesn't like, and he'll speak his mind."

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