Thursday, March 13, 2008

American Idol - Final 12

Last night on American Idol there were high expectations as all week they have been spruiking about how they had the Lennon/McCartney songbook for the first time.

Now I could be wrong and if an Australian Idol aficionado could help here, didn't we have a Beatles night one season where they went to a collectors house to look over all the fan stuff. Or was that the Bee Gees?

Anyway some quick thoughts on last nights episode:

  • Ryan Seacrest managed to put Simon Cowell back in his box last night with some great one liners, expect Simon to come out firing next episode;

  • Did they use the old set from Close Encounters of the Third Kind to build the enormous new set? I doubt we will see a replica of it in Australia this year;

  • Points should be given to Brooke White for not just singing a Beatles song but also looking like one of the wives - Heather Mills;

  • Question for Trinny and Susannah - does satin go with tattoos, yes Carly Smithson I am thinking of you; and

  • Conspiracy theory number one of the season, was David Archuleta told to fluff the song to ensure the competition became competitive again?

    First on stage was Syesha Mercado - the working actress from Florida. What is the difference between working actress and just plain actress?

    She was singing "Got To Get You Into My Life".

    I thought the arrangement she did was something I would see on the Midday Show, however her voice did improve during the second half of the performance.

    Randy Jackson said: "Nice arrangement was it the Earth, Wind and Fire version?" and "Alright"
    When Randy says alright does he really mean I thought it was a bit ordinary?
    Paula Abdul said "Started off pitchy"
    And a buffed Simon Cowell said "Great choice of song", "You looked very nervous" and "better then last week".

    Next up was Chikeze who I was still disappointed in being in the competition after my favourite Danny Noriega was eliminated.

    He sang "She's A Women" and he just blew me away. Started off Louisiana Blue's and then went into rock. I think it is one of the best performances on Idol, both American and Australian, ever. Fantastic. If I could vote I would have voted for the Chikeize, and also would have voted again for him because his mum looks like such a groover.

    Randy said: "Thoroughly entertaining", "Loved the arrangement", and "Chikeze smashed it"
    Paula said "Reward paid off"
    Simon said "What I loved about it it took control over the stage", "Unique version. I thought you were terrific".

    Anyone following that was always going to look ordinary, however Ramille Malubay version of "In My Life" was one of the worst performances of the night. She has a great voice, but it was dull and boring. A bit like the faux lesbian photos of her on the internet. Also what she was wearing was boring, they keep on dressing her like an office worker going out on a Friday night.

    Randy said: "Pretty boring"
    Paula said "Pretty safe"
    Simon said "Bored to tears", "Expect a lot better from you as you are better then that".

    Jason Castro was next, who apparently has shirtless photos circulating on the internet - compared to the other Idol scandals this year that is a bit ho hum. I cannot even be bothered googling for them. Sorry.

    He sang "If I Fell", he also played his guitar. I like the way this season if the contestants choose they can play an instrument.

    I thought it was nice enough, however once those eyes peered down the camera you knew the teen girls would start phoning in their votes.

    Randy said "I liked it didn't love it - need to sing it more heartfelt"
    Paula said" I disagree with Randy I feel your heart"
    Simon said "All a bit student in a bedroom at midnight" and "Song quite boring"

    Carly Smithson the Irish bar girl sang "Come Together". Now the problem I have with Carly I don't know what image she is trying to portray. At the auditions it was goth/emo. Then in the semi's it was rock chick. What is she now rock or pop?

    I think she probably has the strongest voice in the competition, however she leaves me strangely unmoved. I suppose it continues on from the SYTYCD Marko debate on the supposed most talented may not have the appeal to reach the masses.

    I appear to be a lone wolf in my opinion on this as,
    Randy said "Stellar performance"
    Paula said "Already a star"
    Simon said "Reminds me of six years ago - on the same night as Kelly Clarkson" I am interpreting that as I think you may have put your stamp on the competition, and go on to win it.

    David Cook sang "Eleanor Rigby" I like what he did with the song, but I thought it could have been thrashier. He looked oh so comfortable on stage. He will be in the competition for quite some time.

    Randy said "You can rock out on Idol"
    Paula said "Dark horse"
    Simon said " Thought it was brilliant", "If it was a talent rather then a popularity contest you could win the entire show".

    Brooke White was next playing the piano singing "Let It Be".

    It was ok, but there was no new arrangement to the song, and lets face it it was one of the Beatles duller ones released towards the end of the bands life.

    However kudos to Brooke for not just looking singing a Beatles song but looking like Paul McCartney's ex Heather Mills.

    She also appeared as emotional as Heather when she was crying prior to hearing the judges comments. She appears to be very nice, but she is one of the more experience performers (not that you would know it by the info the show gives out) so why is it so overwhelming for her? I thought last night is this sweet, delicate girl thing a contrived persona to win votes?

    Randy said: "Not your strongest performance"
    Simon said "One of the best performances of the night", and "Brilliant choice of song"

    David Hernandez he of the lap dance scandal but more importantly does he make Idol history by being the first out gay contestant in the top 12?

    He sang "I Saw Her Standing There". It reminded me a bit of Luke Mennard's "Wake Me up Before You Go Go" performance last week but not in a good way. Shame as I was starting to like the guy.

    Randy said "To overdone, trying to do to much"
    Paula parroted Randy and said "Over did it need to scale back"
    Simon said "No, no, no, corny verging on desperate" and "It just was not very cool"

    Next was Amanda Overmeyer who looked like a good looking version of Janis Joplin last night. She sang "You Can't Do That".

    I like it, and I love her moves, a bit Bette Midler from The Rose (yes I know that was based on Joplin). Only negative would be I would have liked her to use the stage a bit more, as I think she is the best mover in the competition.

    Randy said: "I loved it"
    Paula said "You are a star up there"
    Simon said "I understood 30% of what you said", "Like a breath of fresh air", and "Not as good as last week".

    Next up was Aussie boy Michael Johns singing "Across the Universe". Now this guy reminds me of 2007 Aust Idol contestant Daniel Mifsud, he was good looking, supposedly talented but he was just the same each week.

    I liked the song, but still same old, same old from Micheal. Just an aside Micheal Johns also looks like the new member for Blaxland Jason Clare Picture of of Jason here.

Randy said: "Not best performance, thought it good, a little sleepy."
Paula said "Brilliant"
Simon said "Should have done something different with song"

Kristy-Lee Cook countrified "8 Days a Week" very badly. It was awful complete with her wide legged stance dancing. It is time to go.

Randy said "Half liked it, and half didn't like it"
Paula said "Didn't enjoy it - didn't get it."
Simon said "Horrendous", "Sounded like Dolly Parton on helium" .

Last was David Archuleta, and my first thought was why did they give him the prime lucky last spot which is always worth a few more votes?

He sang - well tried to - "We Can Work It Out". Forgot the lyrics and at times his voice was a bit weak. It was all a bit of a train wreck. Having said that it was not the worst song of the evening the aforementioned Kristy-Lee Cook takes out those honours.

At one point I thought they told him to tank it to bring back the Idol competition to a level playing field, as sports teams who throw games to make the series more exciting.

Randy said: "Not on point - this vibe is not your vibe"
Paula said "Not best week"
Simon said "That was a mess"

All in all a great night of Idol with a lot of talented people my predictions for bottom three are: Kristy-Lee Cook, Ramielle Malubay, and David Hernandez, with Kristy-Lee walking the plank.


soobee said...

My theory: The producers *thought* David Archuleta was a shoo-in (cute, amazing voice, teeny bopper vote like Jordin had last year, same age) and so they gave him the prime-time spot. Last week, okay, not great. This week, they thought he was going to belt it, so they put him last. Oh, oh. Not so good. Horrible, in fact. So look for him NOT to be at the end of the show anymore.

My mom's feeling, and I agree, is that David just isn't mature enough for the show. He looks like a puppy in the headlights (or whatever). He has been babied, I guess, and he definitely hasn't been mentored. I think Kristy Lee will be punted off (see? punted?! :-)) tonight, but it could as easily have been him.

The front runner is now Carly, especially b/c Simon compared her to Kelly Clarkson (I don't agree), but I am a big David Cook fan, so we'll see (and Brooke could handle it, as could Michael). I am NOT an Amanda fan, for some reason. I just don't think she has the versatility. I like Jason a lot, but he's rather one note, too.

It'll be interesting, but I don't think David A's gonna take it.

Oh, and booyah, Chikizie! What a way to do the Beatles!!!

soobee said...

WOW. I got it wrong. I was SURE Kristy Lee was going home, but no, it was David Hernandez. I think it was a mistake, but if Kristy Lee doesn't make a better choice next week (she does have a pretty voice), then she's out of it for good.

And Ruben's going out song is SO BLAH. I miss "Bad Day" or Daughtry's "Going Home."

Reality Raver said...

Soobee thank you for your post they are great, but just to let you know on the Thurs we get the elimination show 5 hours after the US, not sure if it is that is east or west coast time.

So if you post the person who is eliminated can you put spoiler alert at the top of your comment in bold, so people who don't want to know the result can skip it.


By the way did they really say that it is Lennon and McCartney songs next week as well?

jc said...

Hey, just came to say that Australian Idol DID have a beatles night in season 2 - you would remember Ricki-Lee singing "we can work it out" and being surprisingly booted out the next day.

Reality Raver said...

JC - thank you for that, and to paraphrase Celine Dion "It's all coming back to me now".

I wonder how Aust Idol got the rights, maybe because we are such a smaller audience.