Saturday, March 22, 2008

American Idol - Amanda Overmeyer elimination did not make a lot of fans happy.

Amanda Overmeyer the rock and roll nurse ,with a very interesting personality was beaten into the top 10 place on American Idol by the very bland Kristy Lee Cook.

The majority of fans of Idol thought it was time for Kristy Lee to go after week after week very ordinary performances.

Here is an interesting article from a journo at the elimination show last Wednesday night. I had not realised they pre-recorded the Kellie Pickler song and the phone calls from fans.
Article from EW here. Apparently the audience was shocked when Amanda's name was called out.

However Amanda has handled her fickle hand of fate with graciousness and level headedness. Here are some post elimination interviews.

Reality TV World has an interview from the post elimination conference call and also an article from reality tv magazine is here.

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