Saturday, March 1, 2008

Natalie Bassingthwaite - hardest working person in showbusiness?

Whether you like her or not Natalie Bassingthwaite currently must be one of the hardest working person in show business.

An Interview in the Herald Sun states that last week Natalie hosted two episodes of So You Think You Can Dance, plus filmed a new video clip for her band, plus performed at a cricket function.

The article reveals how she copes with it all.

Makes me exhausted just reading about it.


alison said...

She might be hard working. But trying hard isnt going to make you a good host.
Yes, she has no experience hosting, I know.. Maybe the brains of this operation should have thought through their idea better.
She looks stoned/tired all the time, she is not quick, witty and its way too obvious she is reading those oversized prompt cards.
She is beautiful.. but then she opens her mouth.

Reality Raver said...

She does get those weird eyes and the snarl on her mouth when reading her lines.

I am not sure how attractive I think she is. Sure she is pretty but beautiful I will have to think about that.

For me her lack of personality is detracting from her outward beauty.

Who else do you have as host? What about that Julie who hosts Rock Quiz on Saturday nights on SBS?