Saturday, March 15, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Tidbits

Kate dancing on with a neck injury?

Television Without Pity forums had this posted on their forum (It may have come from the official site). However it seem like someone VERY close to Kate posted it.

Some of you may not know that Kate seriously injured her neck wednesday morning of this week, whilst rehearsing this weekends performance. Such was the seriousness of the injury that she has been unable to rehearse for the last two days. Only able to watch from the sidelines, so to speak.Can't say I am too happy with the producers in the way they dealt with the situation, leaving Kate unattended and without medical supervision for 6 HOURS! Many thanks go out to Kates' osteo, Petros, who has provided after hours treatment for the last 48 hrs! I am asking all of you that that read this to please harness your positive thoughts and energies, and direct them to Kate for this evenings performance!Many thanks to all of you!

Which raises the question should you be given leniency if you are injured? Personally I don't think so - athletes are not. However I am sure this popular couple will manage to get through.

What about when Pasha in last years US series had to dance with the Cha Cha with the choreographers assistant - that was hilarious him having to sex it up with a not svelte middle aged woman. The sympathy vote got him through!

Jason Coleman happy with how he is portrayed on the series.
In an offline Daily Tele article Jason Coleman says he is reasonably happy with the way producers have portrayed him in this series.

"When I was on Popstars they showed a one-dimensional version of me,"
"In this show, they're showing all the sides, when I'm tired, cranky, angry and sad. I really like that."

Jason also states he is not one for the emotional back stories which reality show producers are incline to trot out at every opportunity.

"I'm not such a fan of the sob stories," he says. "This about dancing and let's keep it about dancing. I couldn't care less if your mum died or your dog has cancer. But I suppose it does make the program engaging for people who don't know so much about dancing.

I tend to agree with him, however if my memory serves me correctly wasn't Jason the one at the auditions asking all the personal questions?? Obviously under the orders of the Producers.

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