Sunday, March 16, 2008

Is Kyle Sandilands ego rubbing off on his fiance?

In an article in the music column of the Sunday Telegraph questions whether Kyle Sandilands fiance Tamara Jaber diva like behaviour is jeopardising a US record contract for her fellow pop tarts.

Article below:
WHISPERS emerged last week from LA suggesting the record deal of Tamara Jaber - Kyle Sandilands' fiancee - with industry power players Island Def Jam Music may be in trouble.
An Insider source suggested Jaber hasn't been playing ball with the label after signing with all-Australian pop girl band, Scarlett Bell, which also includes former Australian Idol contestants Reigan Derry and Hayley Aitken.
She has apparently earned herself a diva reputation and has also had a falling out with Australian producer and songwriter Andrew Klippel, who brokered the girl group's record deal in the States.
Klippel has previously secured American deals for the likes of The Vines, Holly Valance and The Veronicas.
"Tamara wants the five-star lifestyle but is not prepared to do the hard work,'' the source said. "I don't think she'll be leaving Sydney any day soon.''

You get the feeling if she did not have the very wealthy Kyle to support her her dream of becoming a singer would have been over years ago.

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