Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Onadrought Biggest Loser Update

Does anyone out there like JJ?Is JJ the most unlikeable person ever to be on reality TV? If you disagree please let me know as I try to look for something good in everyone, but cannot find anything remotely appealing about him.

A colleague reckons the show is rigged, and that giving JJ immunity was rigged, as in spite of my repulsion for him, he does make for good viewing. However, AJ's genuine look of shock when he won immunity would show that she hadn't been clued in to it. I must admit, he can come out with some amusing comments.

At last weeks weigh in when he talked about finding love, it was pretty amusing when he said "I'd like to have a little JJ, and maybe a little AJ". AJ Rochester did not look amused. Seems like she too is in the hate JJ club. Michelle (Black Team) would be mad to not take the $50,000 for being this weeks biggest loser.

Chances are she won't have a chance at the $200,000 so why not leave with the 50? She has said that she needs to stay in the house, but others already eliminated are losing weight on the outside. Anyway, history shows that most contestants put the weight back on, so if you are going to be fat, might as well be fat with 50 grand extra.

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