Sunday, March 23, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Andrew G still has not signed on to co-host Australian Idol this year.

Andrew G is still in negotiations to sign on as co-host with James Matheson of this season's Australian Idol.

Before Andrew G fans start hyperventilating with horror his new agent Mark Morrissey has this to say.

"All issues have been resolved and he is expected to sign with Idol again,'' he insisted. "Andrew will be back. He's looking forward to it.''

Camilla Jakimowicz may soon be heard on radio.

After Camilla's articulate eviction speech last Monday it is no surprise she expressed an interest in a radio and TV career. This girl knows how to work a reality tv show to benefit her career.

The article in the Courier Mail states she has already had one offer, and also is in talks with a Sydney radio station.

Sometimes you don't need to come first in the competition to be a winner.

Article with Natalie Bassingthwaite in the Sunday Tele Magazine
A semi in depth article with Natalie Bassingthwaite host of So You Think You Can Dance in the Sunday Telegraph.

It was interesting that her career did not really kick off until the mid twenties, after the break down of her first marriage. Some nice photos of her as well.

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Anonymous said...

Oh lord, I hope we don't have Camilla on the radio. I've never heard someone talk so self-indulgently and ramble for so long as much as her.