Sunday, March 2, 2008

Reality Tidbits - So You Think You Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance Judge, Jason Coleman Thinks Sydneysiders Should Vote for Their own.

The Sunday Tele states:
Could the show be losing its best dancers because Sydney viewers aren't voting for their own?

I really care about the integrity of the competition and not just the popular people from small town cities,'' Coleman told Insider, before begging NSW to get behind Graeme, Rhiannon, Henry, Vanessa and Kate.

He thinks Stephanie is only there because of the Perth support for your partner Marko.

Also Jason Coleman says he and the other judges were devastated at having to eliminate Hilton and Kassy last week.

HMMMMM isn't Jason being a bit hypocritical saying he wants people not to be kept in because they get geographically voted in to say, but tells us Sydneysiders should vote for their own?

Maybe the Sydney people have the most integrity by actually voting for the routine and dancers they actually like!

Camilla nearly quit dancing last year.
It is reported in the Courier Mail, that popular So You Think You Can Dance contestant Camilla Jakimowicz nearly quit professional dancing last year.

"Last year I was having a slow year and I was like, 'Maybe this isn't what I really want to do. Maybe I should look at having a normal job and making a real life for myself'."
That was until So You Think You Can Dance rejuvenated her passion.
"I saw this as a challenge both for me professionally and as a person," she said.

Lucky for us she decided to audition, as she is a great dancer to watch.

Mary Murphy to Guest Judge Tonight
In an interview in Adelaide Now (you have to scroll down), Mary Murphy states she has been checking out the Australian dancers this week.

"I'm amazed at the level of talent," she said. "I didn't know what to expect and I'm surprised by how high the standard is. And I'll be holding them to a high standard. They're definitely up to the same standard as the American dancers.

"It's phenomenal talent. And it's a good-looking group of people too, which never hurts."
Mary, who's in Australia for a week, said she particularly enjoyed the hip-hop routine by ballroom dancers Henry and Vanessa last week, and she described dancer Graeme as "a star that is being moulded". "He continues to surprise everybody," she said.

She also says she won "favourite judge or host" at the recent Reality TV Awards ahead of Donald Trump and Simon Cowell. I got to be honest I would have loved Simon Cowell to have won the award, just for the ignominy of him having to accept it.

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Onadrought said...

I am looking forward to Mary's Hot Tamale train tonight, as the other judges bore me to tears. So it was with great surprise to read a review in Weekend Australian that talks about how great and mature the judging is on SYTYCD Australia compared to Aust Idol. Give me the bickering and Holden's lunacy any day, and at least Dicko and Kyle have some wit.
One article that I did agree with was in Adelaide's Sunday Mail. Pretty much sums up my thoughts on Nat as a judge. She is a gorgeous girl, and great in The Rogue Traders.BUT... she can't ad lib. She has no wit. Anyway, Reality Raver check out this article by Liz Walsh, it was spot on. It criticised hosts these days, for not having the skill of hosting. Give me Sonia Kruger any day, she's smart, she's quick, and her displays of foot in mouth are hilarious.
BTW, I agree with Jason Coleman's view on people staying in because they come from smaller towns. I say this as I sit in a cafe in Adelaide with posters of Laura all around.