Saturday, March 22, 2008

Onadrought updates the Biggest Loser

They were all a bit emotional from having their phone calls home the night before. Cosi, is a nice bloke, breaking down in front of his trainer about not being there for his pregnant wife. Michelle did reassure him that he was doing the right thing, I agree, as she said, "Cosi, you're not fat anymore".I've liked Cosi from the start, some say he is a smart arse, I find him witty, and can see why he is on the radio. I'd be happy for him to win.

Nicola, on the other hand, has been showing her nasty side, she actually quite gleefully said it would be great fun if Michelle (Black Team) left this week after passing up the $50,000. Even though I think Michelle was an idiot for that, I do wish her well.

Last night, the challenge was tough. Assisted chin-ups. Two team members had to hold up the one doing the chin-ups. Red won that part. However, that was only the beginning. Second part was to bet on how many full chin-ups a team could do. As Sam plays poker 6 times a week, he thought he's have this challenge in the bag. He started off well, betting, 4 then 5 etc. Why on earth did he then go for 43? We will see tomorrow night if the Blues can do it. Sam's already feeling emotionally fragile, comparing himself to the buff boys Cosi and Bryce, so I hope he makes it.

It was good to see that Shannon Ponton (trainer of Blue Team) got nominated as a Cleo bachelor. He's a really nice guy. In fact I think all trainers are great and show a lot of wisdom. I think AJ could use one (not being a bitch, it's what people are saying).

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