Monday, March 24, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Reggie from Big Brother's Pregnancy Scare.
I don't usually trade in Big Brother banter, however it is Reggie...

In this weeks Woman Day there is an article about her near death pregnancy. She had an ectopic pregnancy and was in severe pain and bleeding. She seemed to have to see a lot of Doctor's before someone actually gave her a definitive diagnosis, clearly the Queensland Health system still has some issues after Dr Patel!

Guy Sebastian Concert Review

Rodney Olsen's Blog has a very positive review of the Guy Sebastian gig in Perth. The backing band are apparently sensational. To think I refused free tickets to a show in Sydney. I was feeling particularly lethargic at the time.

Paula Abdul Could Not Speak For Two Years.

Now some people might think that is a good thing, however she was in an emergency plane landing and did severe spinal damage and one of the operations severed her vocal chords. Therefore could not speak for two years, and was out of the limelight for six years.

Paula fans probably already know all this and I had just thought it was a career slump.

Now Magazine has all the details. The other thing I did not know about Paula was she wrote Kylie Minogues come back song "Spinning Around".

I have to confess I have new found respect for her. Also is this why she is so loopy, the pain killers she might still be on?

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the kind link.

I've had the privilege of interviewing a number of Australian Idol contestants on radio over the past couple of years, including Guy Sebastian, Damien Leith, Natalie Gauci, Dean Geyer, Paulini, Cosima and Chris Murphy. I've been impressed with them all.

Let's hope the 2008 season helps to develop some more great talent.