Thursday, March 20, 2008

Carl Risley's new single is out.

Carl Risley, the crooner who was the surprise packet in last year's Australian Idol show has released his new single This Guys in Love.

The song is soulful with a big band arrangement. has exclusive access to the film clip of the single.


Onadrought said...

Carl was in Cleos Bachelor of the year, however has a girlfriend. I think this is misleading.

Onadrought said...

Just watched the film clip. HOT. His CD is called "The Rise". I wouldn't mind getting a rise out of him.

Reality Raver said...

I agree guys should not be put on Cleo Bachelor of the year if they a) have a long term girlfriend, and
b) Are gay.

Totally misleading but maybe it is hard to find 50 dishy men without including the above categories.

Yes agree re: Carl Risley. He definately started smouldering in Aust Idol last year, and took over as the alpha male from Mark Da Costa, and the bland Daniel Mifsud.