Monday, March 17, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Shannon Noll tanked and tanked it at the inaugural CMC Rocks The Snowy Mountain Festival.

The Daily Terror reports that Shannon Noll was under the influence at the CMC Rocks the Snowy Mountain Festival on the weekend. Apparently he was so bad in is 9.20pm set that the crowd was booing and jeering. Chances of him being invited back next year - zero.

How do I get on this Australian Idol junket?
Again in the Daily Terror which today appears to be a font of reality tv information, states that Australian Idol will be heading overseas to audition Australian's in London and Los Angeles (I bet Mark Holden which he wasn't leaving now!).

Channel 10 programming chief David Mott said the move was aimed at boosting the format, which experienced some of its lowest ratings last year.

Kyle will front the LA auditions, and Dicko the London ones. And where will Marcia be?

Eboni Stocks winner of Australia's Next Top Model delivering lattes.
Eboni Stocks has not had the same success as Alice Burdeau after winning Australia's Next Top Model. Whereas Alice has modelled in New York fashion week, and is working on the international circuit, Eboni has been reduced to delivering lattes to customers in a Waterloo eatery.

Can someone please give the girl some catalogue work!

Link to article with picture here

How do the American Idol contestants get to choose their songs?
Reality TV Mag has an interesting article on how contestants get to pick their songs, and what happens when more then one contestant has chosen that particular song.

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