Monday, March 3, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Elimination - And now there were 14

Tonight was the night where some partners were trying to save themselves by knifing their partners. You know who you are Rhiannon and Marko????

Again we had Mary Murphy as a guest judge but a much tamer Mary as she had lost her voice due to a cold.

Tonight's opening number was choreographed by the esteemed Jason Gilkison, it was a 1950's swing number with the boys dressed in army uniform and the girls dressed as loose women. Or as I called the number "Sergeants and Slappers Swingtime".

Natalie looked like she was channelling the 1950's look with the now in pencil skirt, with her fake long pony tail. Jason Coleman gushed "God you look beautiful". Natalie retorted "You can come over to my house anytime". Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest flirt better then this pair.

First up on stage to hear the verdict were JD and Rhiannon, and Kate and Graeme. Prior to giving them the news they showed parts of last nights routines, also the camera went back stage.

Rhiannon was definitely not happy after the routine with JD. She fully put the boot in "JD blanked" and said she was not ready to go, and would want to go if she stuffed up.

The lack of support for her partner at his lowest ebb may lose her a few fans.

Anyway in a shock move which again showed that I am a crap predictor they were both declared safe. Clearly someone has gone into debt to keep JD and Rhiannon on the show. JD better deliver next week, as I don't think you can get the sympathy vote 3 weeks in a row.

The next three up were Anthony and Laura, Marko and Stephanie, and Rhys and Jemma.

Natalie declared that both Anthony and Laura, and Marko and Stephanie were in the bottom three.

Marko at this point grabbed the camera and said " Australia has not seen Marko dance yet", meaning I have been stuck with this liability called Stephanie.

Lastly Henry and Vanessa for the second time again were dancing for their lives.

The solos showed how much stronger the boys are from the girls. All three boys solos were really good. Anthony's was athletic, Markos showed his strong technique, and Henry's highlighted his personality even though he did appear to be channelling John Cougar Mellancamp - waistcoat and all.

Whereas the girls solos highlighted some of their technical flaws. Not that it mattered if Vanessa and Laura had come out and done the funky chicken as Stephanie was always going to be eliminated.

I thought about Stephanie's fluro yellow shaggy ballroom dress probably did not help her cause either.

First to be told the bad news was the girls. Vanessa was the first to be told she was safe, and it was no surprise when Jason said to Stephanie she was gone.

Next were the boys again Jason gave the speech about how good all three boys were then he blabbed on about the need to keep diversity in genres. "Otherwise we would just have jazz dancers left". So at that point you knew Henry was safe, and deservedly so.

However it did confirm my theory on why JD was not punted last week due to him being the only hip hop person left.

This time there was a bit of suspense as Jason said in front of him were "two exceptional dancers" however it was time to go Marko.

When Natalie asked Marko how he felt he said "It is reality TV so what can you say?" I think he is unhappy with us voters. But really Marko never had the personality to go much further in the competition even though he had the bad luck to be stuck with Stephanie.

So again a 1 out of 3 success rate of prediction for raver, however for once there will be no new partners this week.


disco queen said...

rr i am v impressed at the number of people voting in your polls .. 60 in one i saw! sorry it has taken me so long to get back online but one now has to register to comment on your blog. this will make it hard for my multiple personalites

Reality Raver said...

I have missed your incisive and intelligent comments. Good to have you back.

I would be interested in what you think of the show. I think the concept is great and I am enjoying it but there definately needs some tweaking.

soobee said...

I mostly post on Blogging So You Think You Can Dance, but I wanted to say how much I love your blog and your analyses!!!

I still can't fathom how JD is on. He reminds me of Cedric from last season's SYTYCD (US). He was a nice guy who was pretty weak, so others like Jesus got booted and he got to stay on.

If I had to pay to vote, I wouldn't. I voted for David C, Jason, and Michael this past Tuesday for American Idol (since it's free, and I want those three to stay in: David A is a lock), but didn't bother with the girls, b/c, frankly, they were all pretty bad except for Brooke and Carly, both of whom will make. The other girls did not "bring it."

Reality Raver said...

Thanks Soobee for your positive feedback, I really appreciate it. I have seen your comments on Ted's great blog.

I think it is fabulous that he has managed to get the show online. His IT skills are far superior to mine.

I think it is amazing you guys don't have to pay to vote and when I tell people over here there is much teeth gnashing.

I suspect the reasoning is that Fremantle media is not able to get a much advertising revenue as the US productions can. So to keep high production values they need to get money from the phone calls.

I second your thoughts on JD. He really needs to perform this week. Someone must be going broke voting for that couple.

soobee said...

No problem!!! I think Ted is in IT or knows someone in IT. :) I also think he put pressure on SYTYCDA, b/c all of the YouTube videos for the performance show, top 16, are now available. No performance show vid, though. :( Total bummer. Thankfully, you recapped it!!! :)

I still cannot believe that you have to PAY to play! I would never vote if I had to do that. I wonder how more votes SYTYCDA would receive if each vote were free. I mean, not even on the website? That's how you vote for America's Best Dance Crew (which kept my crew, Status Quo, in the running, though I don't know about this week; their performance wasn't too good Thursday night). But you can go to site as many times as you want to vote (so I do ;-0).

BTW, AI received over 37 MILLION votes (!) on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. That would never, ever happen if you had to pay. (I voted, but I woudn't have).

JD's family and friends must have mucho money. :)