Monday, March 17, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Australia - Final Top 10

Tonight our top 10 would be revealed, and the dancers were feeling the added pressure of wanting to enter into that hallowed group.

In the US it meant you got to go on the dance tour, at this stage it is unclear if that reward will be on offer in Australia.

Due to a recording malfunction I missed the first 10 mins so while am on hold to Foxtel for the next two hours so I can scream at some underpaid backpacker, I will write my recap.

Any feedback on the opening number would be welcome.

A few comments about tonight's episode:

  • Is there a new Inspector Gadget movie being made, and if so is Matt Lee auditioning for the lead role?;

  • Can we get a judge that doesn't start crying when the elimination is being announced. Does Nigel Lythgoe tear up? NO. Now I know you guys are artistes but really we don't need to see four blubbering judges;

  • Jason did not outline the criteria by which they decided the eliminations this week, which I thought was a tad unfair due to the importance of the week; and

  • Channel Ten are not wanting to lose ratings over the Easter weekend so there is a two week hiatus.

    First up on stage were Demi and Jack, and JD and Rhiannon. It was obvious that JD and Rhiannon would be dancing for their life again.

    Then up on stage was Rhys and Jemma, and Kate and Graeme again a no brainer Kate and Graeme would be bottom three.

    Last were Anthony and Camilla, and Henry and Vanessa, again you knew Anthony and Camilla would be doing solos. I think Henry is the dark horse to win the competition. At first I was not a fan, but since the make over and the removal of hair from lots of places he has grown on me. Also his consistency has been amazing particularly for a ballroom guy. He is yet to do a dud routine.

    Jason then gave a dull little speech (was he trying to be motivating?) about how dancing for your life is a tad over dramatic and it is about dancing for yourselves.

    Rhiannon was out first and I think she needs to work on her solo's I am never wowed by them and tonight's was like a doing a routine on the sideline of a football game. Rhiannon said as an aside to Natalie Bassingthwaite, "That was terrible". Natalie kindly repeated it to the 1.5 million viewers and the all important four judges.

    Next was JD dancing his own particular style of hip hop which is just as subtle as Nacho Pop's. Call me a philistine but I like the spins and tricks in hip hop routines. Sorry JD it is just dull to me.

    Camilla's jazz routine was much better then last weeks solo with lots of kicks and leaps.

    Anthony's routine was better with more dancing, I thought a tad over dramatic, but enjoyable with some of his signature gymnastic moves. I get the feeling that his journey is going to end in the next few weeks. Whilst Henry has grown on me, Anthony has diminished due to his one dimensionality.

    Kate's solo was the stand out of the night it was fantastic, it had everything in it. She gingerly touched her neck to remind everyone she is injured. She must be very happy about the easter break.

    Last was Graeme whose solo was ok but unmemorable. All the teenage girls are hoping he would get voted off so he can start door knocking in his black pants and white shirt as the mormons do and convert them to a polygamous lifestyle.

    After listening to a dull KD Tunstall song, which was a shame consider her "Suddenly I See" song is just fantastic the judges were back to give their verdict.

    First up the girls were to learn their fate. I found it frustrating that Jason did not outline what they had based their decision on and whether it had been a unanimous decision.

    Kate was told she was safe. Then it was down to Camilla and Rhiannon. My money was on Rhiannon to go, as she had just had so many weeks in the bottom 3, none of them her fault mind you. Also I think her solo's are lame.

    But just as well I don't bet as Camilla was given the bad news. The only reason I can think of is because her technique wasn't as strong as Rhiannons, or they decided to give Rhiannon a break and see how she danced with a different partner.

    At this stage all the judges were teared up and it was not helped by Camilla's articulate and heart warming speech. Maybe Camilla could host next year as at least she knows how to talk into a camera.

    Also Camilla can take heart that her post SYTYCD body is different from her pre-SYTYCD body, and she did not have to go on the Biggest Loser.

    The boys were up next. Graeme was first to be told he was safe. Then it was down to JD and Anthony. Again they did not give a criteria on what they based their decision or if the decision was unanimous, but it was time to go JD. His nine lives had just finished.

    His speech was not quite as good but it was heartfelt. "He just wanted to show people how beautiful and expressive hip hop was," This is a goal I am not sure he achieved.

    Rhiannon will come up to Anthony's waist so that will be interesting if they are still with their original partners in a fortnight.

    Now it is our time to decide who will be Australia's favourite dancer.


Anonymous said...

The opening routine was brilliant, you really missed out. Try to track down a video of it on YouTube, you won't regret it. :)

Anonymous said...

can't find any of the group numbers anywhere. Any suggestions??

Anonymous said...

If you live in Australia, some of them are up on the videos section of the official website -

Otherwise try YouTube, these two channels usually get things up:

Anonymous said...

The opening number containe some of the best choreography showcased on this show so far IMHO. (and that's not just cuase most of the choreography has been bad).

I was really impressed. It was choreographed by the guest judge for the week, Kelley Abbey (she previously guest judged the Top 100 week)

soobee said...

I keep looking for the performance show, so if anyone has the URL for it (I only see one for Kate and Graeme), could you post it? We in the states are jonesing for it. :)

Anonymous said...

you got it wrong... kate and graeme were with Henry and vanessa and Rhys and Jemma were with Camila and Anthony. oops.... i think matt looked good.

soobee said...

sorry! I get confused watching it later and hearing about it sooner.

My favorites remain Henry and Kate. I think Henry can take it, but Jack isn't out of it by a long shot.

Reality Raver said...

just saw the opening routine on You Tube. How excellent was it? Kelly Abbey is probably our best choreographer. I think she is better then Matt Lee, also I think she is a better judge then both Matt and Bonnie. So hopefully she can be a permanent part of the judging panel.

When are we going to see Jason Coleman do a routine???

Sorry about the mistake - re: which couples were called up with who. My brain was exploding at that time due to the recording malfunction. Will do better next time.

Soobee I disagree re: Kate I thought her solo last night was superb, but I don't think she has the personality to be voted Australia's favourite dancer.

I think it will be between Henry and Rhys with Kate and possibly Demi rounding out the top four.

But then my predictions are always wrong!

Onadrought said...

Why did they kick Camilla out? Was she too bogan and Rhiannon much funkier. Rhiannan's solo was a bit lame. It'd be good to see her full potential and dancing with someone like Jack or Graeme.
Agree Camilla's speech was lovely.
Think Anthony won't last long. Not appealing and basically a gymnast.
It's always surprising that Kate and Graeme are bottom 3 as both great. However, as it is the public who put them there, they're probably going to be in further danger without judges to save them.

soobee said...

You know, I am having second thoughts about Demi now. The dancers all seem to really like her, but there are a few stronger females (not too many, though: I am a still big fan of hers, and I really do like Kate a lot). Vanessa has surprised me with how she's stepped it up, but I can't see her making the final four.

I agree about Anthony (not much versatility) and am THRILLED about how well Henry has adapted to every style. You go, Henry!

Anonymous said...

SUTYCD - Australia... tacky, rubbish, reject judges, b-grade dancers and an unqualified host... If u compare the polish of the US version to the 'thrown together' version we're throwing up; its embarrassing for Australian arts.