Friday, February 29, 2008

Romance in the Biggest Loser Household

There is love blossoming in the Biggest Loser household, something that was not expected, I mean whoever looks hot when they are madly exercising, sweaty and read faced. Or feels like flirting when they haven't eaten carbs for weeks! Also doesn't not eating carbs make you breath stink due to the ketones?

Though I suppose if it can happen on Survivor it can occur anywhere, at least the Biggest Loser contestants have access to toothbrushes.

However Who Magazine reports that two contestants Sheridan Wright and Michael Sandford are having a romance, even though hooking up is discouraged in the White House.

"It was pretty obvious early on that we had a connection, and he's been an amazing support," Sheridan 26 said of Michael, a 25 year old accountant from Orange NSW.

Apparently they were caught on camera discussing their attraction to each other on 28 Feb episode.

The pair are on opposing teams. They are the first people to hook up on the show.

Channel Ten must be stoked as this should improve ratings.

Hopefully Biggest Loser watcher Onadrought will provide an update this weekend.

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Onadrought said...

Well, I did plan on giving an update but it seems you beat me to it.
Yes it was a BIG week in the Loser household, and I am not just talking about the size of the contestants. Yes, a bit of romance is happening, but unfortunately there is no such thing as Biggest Loser Up Late.
Sheridan let slip that she had never had a relationship, which I had been wondering about as most of these people have been fat since childhood and have complexes about their bodies. She mustn't have realised that the solution to the problem was just go for another fatty, although it appears to me some of the fat people I have known have only ever wanted someone skinny as a lover. Such as an obese male friend of mine who wanted to be more than a friend with me and other of his female friends who were normal sized. He could not get a woman and refused an obese one. Well excuse me, I don't want an obese one either (man that is)! I do know that in Japan, sumo wrestlers marry models, but then again sumo wrestlers are the footy players of Japan. I do also know that they need some assistance when getting hot and heavy (heavier) by either an assitant or with the use of a special chair. Maybe Michael and Sheridan can take some tips from this. Getting back to them, looks like Michael may get to pop the cherry, however, as that may be all Sheridan gets, as we learnt this week that Michael does not like "sushi".
We know this cause the Blues won a Japanese chef for the week. Made me drool seeing all that Japanese food. The Reds were mad not to pick that as gorging on teriyaki beef, miso soup and sashimi, would be a delightful way to lose a few kilos. I am interested to see the weigh-in tonight to see if all the Blues lost weight on that scrumptious diet, though with Michael not getting into the sushi he may not have eaten much at all. Still, if Michael and Sheridan have lost big numbers ths week, could they have been getting an out of hours 'work-out'? If so, it could be a new form of exercise, The Biggest Loser Bounce. (Bouncy, bounce, bounce).
Well, I say 'good on them' if they can get in an extra work-out, why not?
Something pathetic this week was Gary going for the challenge and eating 91 jaffas just to see a video of his Mum. It was actually, Michelle that brought that to my attention. As she said, he doesn't have kids, he hasn't just become a grandfather and he's only been away for 4 weeks! It wasn't as though he was going to see his family in the flesh, it was just a 2 minute video. But then again, Gary has probably never been 4 weeks without seeing his Mummy, because at 32 he STILL LIVES AT HOME. I am glad Michelle thought it pathetic, as there is nothing more pathetic than a grown man living at home. Probably why I am still single as so may of them are these days. And they are proud of it, I mean Gary this week bragged that he hadn't been in a supermarket since 1982 because his Mummy does all of that.
Anyway, I have been digressing with my curousity about fat people having sex, and my loathing of Mummy's boys.
The other news of the week, was the reveal of the Black Team in the USA, and der, the other twin was there.
And there was also Sean's meltdown, and John trying to show Shannon that he is the Alpha male.
Sheridan also lost the plot. And all of that makes for juicy viewing, as we don't just watch it to see fat people running on a treadmill.