Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Brooke Adamo Thought She Was Not Perceived Well By Public
Brooke Adamo this week's eliminated Australian Idol said ``The competition is on talent and singing ability but also on popularity and I think the public didn't perceive me well,'' she said.

However she will draw inspiration from Ricki-Lee and the success of her career.

She has a right to be upset considering lesser talents then her are still in the competition. The teen voters were clearly voting for another person.

Source of article here.

Bullied Alamela Rowen Back Modelling.

Another teenage girl who was reduced to tears because of a reality TV show is Alamela Rowen. Alamela was the victim in the notorious bullying incident in Australia's Next Top Model. Her perpetrator, Demelza, went on to take out the title and to star in Ferrero Rocher chocolate ads.

However Alamela has not given up on modelling all together she entered a Byron Bay modelling contest.

Rowan, who lives in Byron Bay, is one of 14 finalists vying for first prize of a photo shoot, makeover, modelling course and a lunch date with the singer Amiel.

"I really enjoy modelling in the real world without the intensity of a reality TV show," she said. "People are so much nicer and it's more realistic and the pressure is far less than what it was on Top Model."

Source SMH

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