Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Amazing Race won Best Reality TV Show At The Emmy's

The Amazing Race won the best reality TV show last night at the Emmy's ahead of the mega popular American Idol.

I think they have won this category five or six years in a row confirming that it is a quality reality tv show.

I am a huge fan and if pisses me off that Channel 7, who have the rights to it, cannot screen it, and when they do they bury it in the 9.30pm time slot. We are at least two seasons behind.

If they are not going to screen at least let pay TV screen them, as they only get the reruns.

This is one reality TV I covet to go on. I know if I went on it with my preferred partner, a friend, it would not be pretty, we would make Johnathan and Victoria look like Mother Teresa!

Jeff Probst won best reality TV host. Again Channel Nine when are we going to get Survivor back on our screens? We are at least one series behind. I would love to see the Fans V Favourites series that has finished in the US. It has the nasty Johnny Fairplay on it.

The Emmys were hosted by reality TV stars including Ryan Seacrest, Jeff Probst, and Heidi Klum. Apparently their hosting was pretty boring, and the the hunky Jeremy Piven gave them a metaphorical slap when he went up to accept his award.

EW.com slags them off here and here.

And finally from the Emmy's a badly dress Mary Murphy from So You Think You Can Dance.


Anonymous said...

I love the Amazing Race and have become so frustrated with Seven's eccentric programming of it that I have "watched" a couple of seasons via Television Without Pity recaps. (Miss Alli's were so good that I thought the most recent season shown was a repeat.) Still, I wouldn't put myself through being a competitor - even on relaxing holidays I have moments (usually involving maps) when I realise that crafty editors would make me out to be a complete psycho.

Reality Raver said...

I try to steer clear from Television Without Pity as I can just spend far too much time on it.

I always wonder on that show how they manage to get their huge rucksacks on as hand luggage.

Anonymous said...

Lordy me, I just read this... have I been defamed? Jonathon and Victoria indeed... which one am I? The plastic boobed botoxed ex-playboy bunny or the aggresive, loud mouthed, masculine bully (don't answer that or I'll sue !)...

I reckon it would be hilarious... especially you carrying a xanaxed me through every airline security check...

Reality Raver said...

I will be the botoxed bunny after I appear on Ten Years Younger in Ten Days.

Anyway what is wrong with being a botoxed bunny I thought Life At The Playboy Mansion was one of your favourite shows.

And no I have not watched it yet, a girl has to draw a line in the sand when it comes to reality tv.