Monday, September 15, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - And now there were eleven

Jonny Taylor the rocker from WA on his elimination from Idol decided to take a dig at the show by saying "I reckon the 11 sitting there are more at home singing covers and doing this thing then I am."

It is like he was trying to reclaim his musical credibility. After seeing Bobby Flynn doing his stuff on the show all the 'real' musos who know if they don't get a break soon they may have to get a real job are now trying out for the show. But some are unable to do a Bobby Flynn who did brilliant arrangements and performances of covers.

Earlier in the show he had said he had been more comfortable singing his own stuff with his band. Personally if you cannot perform a good cover I think your original stuff is going to be ordinary.

The new format of the show where they tell us the bottom three and then the public has 25 mins to vote for them, made it much more entertaining. Apparently the votes from the previous night still count towards the eviction format.

The bottom three were Jonny Taylor, Sophie Patterson, and Teale Jacubenko. We then get to hear them sing again instead of having to see what was a ritual weekly humiliation when the performers had to sing a group song.

How much is Ricki-Lee getting paid for her backstage interviews they consist of one question "So how do you feel?"

The guest star this week was American Idol winner Jordin Sparks who appeared to be a bit dull. Maybe she was still feeling the effects of the MTV controversy where she gave a tongue lashing to Russel Brand about him paying out on promise rings. Promise rings an American phenomenon is where a person has a ring to show they are saving themselves for marriage. Full story on that here.

I think Australia got it right tonight - who knows maybe if Jonny had allowed the Maybelline girls to titivate him he may have survived another few weeks.

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