Friday, September 12, 2008

Dean Geyer desperate to Reunite With His Veronica, Lisa

Dean Geyer must be weeping into his cornflakes when he heard that the The Veronicas were going to get their own reality TV show in the United States.

Geyer currently performing in Neighbours is no stranger to reality TV, he is an alumni of Australian Idol, was recently engaged to Lisa of The Veronicas. However a recent split will mean he will unable to use the show as a springboard into the US market.

Dean Geyer would have definite appeal in the American market where his evangelical christian views are in contrast to the racier image The Veronica's project. He pledged to stay a virgin until he was married, something that is seen with derision in Australia, but is quite normal in the states where 'promise rings' are common place.

The Veronica's have been trying to crack the lucrative US market and this reality TV show may assist. It makes me wonder is some of the racier rumours surrounding the pair particularly Jess is a setup to make them more appealing for producers to pick up the show. For example the faux lesbian affair with It gay girl of the moment Ruby Rose, and then ex-boyfriend Azaria disappearing then turning up with Jess in Las Vegas. What next rehab? However a new nude photo of Jess scandal has just emerged. Details here.

More news coming to light indicates the reality show will be their regular web diary Untouched on the Yahoo Yaz channel from next month.

More information on this is available from the Daily Tele website here and here.

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