Thursday, September 18, 2008

Joshua Allen Wins So You Think You Can Dance Season 4

The 19 year old hip hop dancer from Dallas Joshua Allen won the the US version of So You Think You Can Dance which was screened last night on Channel 10.

Joshua took out the title from the other finalists Courtney, Twitch and Katie in a final where Nigel Lythgoe thought the American public had gotten right. Source here.

Channel 10 this year appeared to bury this popular program by showing it twice a week during the Olympics. I know others disagree but I thought it was a good season with some really strong dancers especially the hip hop ones. I particularly liked Comfort and Gev. Also the choreography was very strong compared to the relative weak choreography on the Australian series.

An interview with Joshua is here where he discusses being hospitalised prior to the finale, and his limited dance training. Also another article here which discusses a shooting tragedy that made him nearly not go on the show.

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kim at allconsuming said...

This season was awesome. The only horror was that Channel 10 didn't show it when it was airing in the states. So those of us die hard fans who went to the website to check out the entrants were faced with the big banner of Joshua as winner when the first show aired. Idiots.