Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Project Runway Australia Finale - Part 1

The shock of Liu not making it to the Project Runway Australia, has now been ameliorated by the news Akira Isogawa apparently asking for the DVD of the show to look at this amazing designer.

I would still like to know the reasons they gave the third spot to Petrova.

Anyway it was time for the final three of Leigh, Juli, and Petrova to make 10 outfits to show at fashion week and they had $10,000 to do it with.

Henry Roth did the rounds to see the designers a few weeks before the final catwalk to see how their collections were going.

Juli was told to tone down the sparkles on her dresses. The diamante bow tie was so kitsch in a bad way. However she made Carrie Bradshaw from Sex In The City restrained when she showed Henry her boudoir with her $40,000 worth of shoes. Though once I heard she spent $3000 of her budget on crystals I was thinking more Rose Hancock.

Leigh when speaking about why he was not further into his collection said "If I cannot do something perfectly I either procrastinate or don't do it at all." Memo to self next time at a job interview and asked what is my worst characteristic use that will be answer.

Petrova's collection was a kaleidoscope of colour and creativity. It was worth going on the show for her because of the plug she got to give her shop Lady in Melbourne.

Then it was Madison Editor Paula Joye to look over their collections in Melbourne. She really liked Juli's however told her not to go to over the top. Leigh did not want to take her advice regarding removing the tassel from the cheongsam he had designed - he really needed to. Henry was gobsmacked at this.

And Petrova was not too impressed about the advice she received from Paula either. I think Petrova is the only person in the world who likes the lime green short sleeve leather jacket.

We have to wait until next week to see who wins.

I think the safe but well designed collection of Juli's will win.


Adam said...

a year now, my ex girlfriend and he were quite close, super awesome guy, very funny and very talented.
He also sings super well. I was bummed to hear he didn't win, but was expecting the result, Leigh is so Leigh that he is not going to be as commercial as Jules was. But to make it as far as he did, huge achievement!

Adam said...

oops that comment starts with....I have been friends with Leigh for....(read above)

Reality Raver said...

Like you I was very disappointed that Leigh did not win. I thought his collection looked fabulous on the runway and it was very original.

Juli's was fabulous also, well designed etc but not as adventurous. I think they gave the prize to her as she is established already and she will use it to launch herself nationally - this means they will have a success story. Whereas I Leigh would be starting from scratch if he was to start a business and his designs were not as commercial.