Monday, September 29, 2008

Model News

Apparently Cheyenne Tozzi is touted as being the host of Australia's Next Top Model. This is the strangest pick ever if it is true as I don't even think she has had her 21st birthday. I thought they saw the hosting role to be a be a bit of a mother hen.

I suspect her manager has leaked this story themselves to see if Foxtel will take the bait and audition her. Full story here.

Demelza Revelely this years winner of Australia's Next Top Model, has now said she is a changed person over the bullying episode. To be honest I am a bit over the whole thing, and I don't know why they still give it air time. Full story here.

In Make Me A Supermodel news apparently they were filming in my neighbourhood yesterday with this week's challenges filmed at the Salvation Army store in St Peters, otherwise known as Tempe Tip.

The model's had to pick out outfits up to the value of $50 and then do a runway show. I will be interested to see if the model's are in any of my chain store cast offs...

Full story with a nice picture of Hannah McCarthy here.

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