Monday, September 29, 2008

Has Survivor Stopped Pixelating Contestants Naughty Bits?

Are Survivor producers trying to garner ratings by not pixelating the naughty bits? Normally in episodes boobs, crotch and even bum cracks are pixelated. But somehow in the first episode of Survivor Gabon, which is currently screening in the US somehow a bit of male genitals got through the censors.

If you want a laugh (I know I am juvenile) click here on Dlisted to see the scene from Survivor Gabon. Some of the comments from his post are hilarious my favourite is "Obviously, the censors are Helen Keller, Lt. Geordi LaForge, and an inattentive seeing eye dog".

We are a season behind and Channel 9 starts screening Survivor Fans V Favourites tomorrow night at 10.30pm. The TV reviewer in The Guide said it was a cracker season.


Laura said...

Hey Reality Ravings!
Will you be blogging about Survivor?
If not, do you know of anyone who is?

Reality Raver said...

I am going to try to, but it is on so late at night, so it may not get done until the next day or so.

Laura said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I watched the premiere of Gabon (on YouTube) and didn't notice any man-bits, although the video quality is pretty low on YT.

I'm considering blogging Survivor Gabon, but not Fans v Faves, cos I've already seen it.

Reality Raver said...

I don't tend to watch things on You Tube I tend to wait until it is on TV.

But with the increasing popularity of watching shows on the internet you would think tv channels would be more timely with screening them.