Monday, September 22, 2008

Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed?

No I am not talking about the Caroline Byrne case but Jodhi Meares.

In some non surprising news Jodhi Meares will not be back to host next seasons Australia's Next Top Model.

After a no show at the live finale this year, and looking like a stunned mullet in the previous years finale it is no surprise she pulled the plug. Or did Foxtel pull it for her. I presume they are letting her go with dignity.

Jodhi will not be a loss to the show as she barely had any presence and was overshadowed by the stronger personalities of the judges Charlotte Dawson, and Alex Perry. Something Tyra would never let happen.

Story from here. No news on who will replace - though the money is on Charlotte Dawson. I am sure there will be lots of agents today contacting Foxtel to push their client to be a new judge if Charlotte does take over the hosting role.

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