Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Modus Operandi for Rejected Idol Contestants Is To Whinge.

After Jonny "If you could hear me sing originals you would see how talented I am" Taylor was rejected by Idol he called it nothing but a "karaoke" competition. Now James Spargo is having a whinge about the rules of the show.

James the 30 year old from Adelaide who made the top 24 said he was 'underwhelmed' by the show.

In the interview in Adelaide Now Spargo came across as being a little bit bitter.

"They have no intention of increasing the age limit," he says.

James also regrets not being allowed to sing one of his idol Josh Groban's hits Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) because it wasn't considered popular enough.

"It would have showed a completely different side of me the audience hadn't seen on the show," he says.

I think he is deluding himself that the one song he was not allowed to sing out of the thousands he could have picked from would have got him through. Also the former theatre restaurant performer seems to be deluded about the extent of his talent with this quote.

"I am waiting for the phone to ring . . . but I don't want to do small stuff anymore," he says.

Why does everyone who is on Idol think their career is going to kick on? People more talented them him are still working in retail eg Chanel Cole. Spargo came to Idol with a big build up and did not deliver he was more RSL Club then pop.

He thinks should win Idol, Roshani Priddis gets his vote because she's "very good".

However, his money is on former Adelaide lad Wes Carr, who he describes as an "extremely driven little man". Ouch.


dinorawr said...

I always thought Spargo had this air of entitlement about him. I get the impression that Jonny is extremely socially awkward and doesn't choose the right words; doesn't come across how he means it to be. But Spargo... Yeah, what a total tool.

Not that it really matters, but Chanel isn't working in retail like she was before Idol. She's a publicist for Canberra Arts Marketing, doing things like the National Multicultural Festival 2008. Her younger brother died last year, so sad. I love Chanel! She's one of my fave Idol contestants ever.

Reality Raver said...

Thanks for the update on Chanel Cole, she was one of my faves. I think she led the way for the Bobby flynns.