Sunday, September 14, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - The top 12

This year on Australian Idol there is a mixture of musicians who are sick of playing to empty pubs, and teenage singers who have dreamed of being on Idol since they were ten. Every year the judges always try to pump it up by saying best year ever, but this year they could right there was barely a bad performance on a night where they were to sing a song by one of their Idol's so basically singers choice.

In fact the judges should be bottom three with their weakest performane yet. They need to lift their game as there was no wit or advice given, except for them competing with each other to show their style credentials.

Wes Carr - U2 - Beautiful Day.

Birthday boy (he turned 26) Wes Carr in his montage revealed he was using Idol to get seen by a broader audience. The piano he started on appeared to be an accessory, he played about twelve bars and then got up and ditched it. As Dicko said "Why the piano?....Too gratuitous and too try hard". However he was positive about the rest of his performance.

Wes has certainly threw down the gauntlet to the other contestants that he is the one to beat. His problem will be voters thinking he will get through anyway and won't vote for him - however with the new money making machine of voting on the bottom three on Mondays will ensure he sticks around for awhile.

Kyle who appears to be angling for his own reality show on "what to wear" talked about his facial hair and hat before giving him the thumbs up.

Tom Williams - Aerosmith - Don't Want To Miss A Thing.

Pitch problems is the polite way of putting his performance, I am still wondering how this kid got through are eight year olds now voting? Can't they make a new rule that you have to have reached puberty before you audition for the show. He is trying to cash in on last years Matt Corby popularity by having the exact same haircut. Can't we flick him off to some boy band? Unfortunately for me he probably will be around for awhile.

Marcia, and Kyle liked him, and Dicko just said pick songs to suit his voice. Then they made comments on his outfit and that he should stick to jeans and t-shirts. At this point I was wishing Simon Cowell was on the judging panel as he would have shredded him.

Roshini Pridis - Josh Stone - Tell Me About It.

She was not going to be hit by nerves as she said in her montage she said she was looking forward to standing in the spotlight. This girl wants fame and fortune.

She decided to show the audience that she was not going to lay down and give the title to Wes just yet. Her voice was rocking. Made Tom Williams look like someone singing in a High School Musical not to be mistaken for THE High School Musical.

Judges gushed about it and called her sexy chocolate.

Teale Jakubenko - Rick Price - Walk Away Renee.

This guy has a personality bypass. For him love is what makes the love go around, so nice guy, but zero sex appeal. His performance was about as interesting as he is - boring. Even with the falsetto. Have I been on a Buddist Retreat for the past five years - who is Rick Price?

However Kyle had taken his happy pills tonight and loved it.
Dicko said "he needs to find more confidence ... good effort."
Marcia named dropped that Rick Price had been in her band and told Teale that he did good.

There was far too much love in the hair tonight - could one the judges please show some acerbic wit.

Sophie Patterson - Counting Crows - Mr Jones

What was happening with her eyebrows? Or was it the makeup - there looked like a big chunk then it thinned out. I like Sophie but her James Reyne style of singing where she runs her words together could get a bit annoying. However the judges did pick up on it.
Dicko said "pronouciation is a bit slovenly"
Marcia said "need to find better articulation" and "Prefers her looking funkier" She also must have thought she was going to fall on her face as she was teetering away in very high heels that even would have had Posh Spice scared to wear them.
Kyle said "Look like you have a smashing body." but "A little under done tonight"

Luke Dickens - Joe Cocker - Feeling All Right.

Apparently he now lives with 11 other people with his pregnant 20 year old girlfriend Brooke. Does DOC's need to look into this? Luke has some appeal and with his very smart song choice and normally his performance would have been enough to avoid the bottom 3. However it was a strong night so he could be in danger. But he will start to struggle when the theme weeks kick in.

Judges liked him the only negative comment was from Dicko and that was about his facial hair. Christ if I want to watch Tim Gunn's Guide To Style I will switch to Arena.

Brooke Adamo - Natasha Bedingfield - These Words

She revealed her birth father was a complete prick, but this families story appears to have a happy ending with a nice step dad. Her real dad is going to be embarrassed going to work tomorrow now it has been revealed on national tv he was a wife basher. Fantastic.

After the criticisms from the judges about doing ballads she decided to sing this light pop song. I thought it was nice it was not getting me to pick up the phone but I am sure it will appeal to the young girls.

Kyle said "Maybe you should have stuck to the ballads, though maybe not." "Not sure you gave it the same magic as Natasha does" At this point tears welled in her eyes - she needs to toughen up as they were gentle with her tonight.
Dicko said "It was a joyous performance and you have one of the best voices in the competition."

Thanh Bui - Maroon Five - This Love.
Why would a former boy band member sing a cover of a boyband song? He deserves to be eliminated because of this. Had some of the traditional boy band moves the hand near the heart, the finger pointing and the semi squat. He needed to be smacked down for it and Kyle obliged. "That was like something out of a Adam Sandler comedy movie... arrangement was dodge." and "You are much better then that."
Dicko said "You are going to have to learn to keep it simple... you over complicated it." "That was wrong"

Madam Parker - Neo - Moving Closer

Wearing the Bec Hewitt huge hooped earrings, Madam Parker looked great, and her voice was good too. But she needs to work on her conversational skills or she will be in the Casey Donovan level of monosyllabic interview style. Great voice but her lack of presence may mean she will be a casualty sooner rather then later.

Dicko loved her " Loved the way you commit physically to the song"
Marcia "Fantastic"
Kyle "You are on fire."

Jonny Taylor - Pearl Jam - Better Man

I know he was in a car crash but the song was a train wreck. He sang it like he was jamming in a garage - he looked like he needed a band behind him and indeed he kept on looking back at them.He really needs to be attacked by the Maybelline Girls or at least brush his hair.

Kyle enjoyed it.
Dicko named drop how he worked Pearl Jam told him he needs to break out a bit.

Chrislyn Hamilton - Aretha Franklin - Think

Christ I nearly started clapping at home. How fucking good was she? Encore, encore. I will interupt my blog to get onto Sportingbet while they are still paying $16. Oh and Wes who?

Mark Holden will be ringing his intellectual property lawyers to see if he has the rights to touchdown as Kyle has now appropriated it.

Mark Spano - Inxs - Never Tear Us Apart

If he had not tried to be so like Michael Hutchene with all the posturing movements it may have been ok. But to me it was a bit try hard, however the judges loved it. Kyle thought it was the "cherry on the cake." and Dicko thought he was a "Rock Star".

On a strong night on Idol - I think the bottom three will be Sophie Patterson, Thanh Bui and Tom Williams (Ok so I am hoping the teen voters have now swapped to Carlyn). Alright if not Tom, Jonny Taylor.


Overland eddy said...

love your blog

I work at TEN and read it every week. Also a friend of Selinas

keep it up

Reality Raver said...

Thanks Eddy, that is sweet of you to say so.

My blog has not received as much love from me as it should have due to a new baby.

I will link to your blog with your gorgeous baby on it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Brooke's birth father dead?

Reality Raver said...

Brooke's father suicided when she was seven. In TV Week she said "I have a few memories of him. He was ok with me, but he was abusive to my mum. He was very troubled. It was his lifed and he chose to do that...."

Anonymous said...

Exactly, so I doubt he's going to be embarrassed when he goes off to work in the morning...

Reality Raver said...

I wasn't aware of that when I was writing my recap.