Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - Semi Final 2

Last year the trend on Idol was scarfs, this year it is babies, two of the contestants, Luke Dickens and James Spargo having partners that are pregnant. Lets hope this trend does not spread to some of the younger contestants.

What was Marcia on tonight I barely understood what she was saying? Is this the new mean Marcia? So when she gives criticism you cannot understand it. She would speak gobblygook then go to the singer do you understand what I am saying, and they would nod their head affirmative but with a bewildered look in their eyes.

Before the start of the singing it was announced that Chrislyn Hamilton, and Wes Carr were through to the top 12 - no surprises there.

First to sing was the laconic sheep shearer Luke Dickens who is the amateur amongst the pros. I think that was the reason he was put through to have the "It could be you up here on Idol like Luke just following his dream" resonate with the public. There is something to really like about this laid back lad who sang Mustang Sally pretty well. I think he may get through to the top 12 but he will crash and burn once he has to sing the weekly genres.

Brooke Wilke looked like she wanted to crawl into a black hole on stage, with her voice really struggling with a bad case of laryngitis. At times she did sound like this years It Girl Gabrielle Climi expect to see her on Sunday in the second chance show.

Mini Me Matt Corby, Tom Williams sang "You Raise Me Up" very badly. I am still not sure why he got put through as his voice is so weak, but apparently he is popular because he is cute. If he gets put through Australian Idol will lose a lot of what little credibility it has. I don't know why the judges are pushing him through. Have they been told to do this to ensure the phone profits roll in from tweens voting on their parents phones?

Natalie Colivito singing a song"Listen" from the movie Dreamgirls. She was trying to do the big Diva song and it didn't quite cut it. It had some power notes but it was too screechy for me.

Dicko gave the fat girl talk and told her to use her body more and embrace it. What is with having to tell the fat chicks they are fat? They don't raise these issues with other performers eg "Your far to skinny - please eat a burger" It is even more insulting coming from two men Kyle and Dicko who are not slim themselves. That's right it is ok for blokes to be big, old and ugly on TV but not women. It is like the US where there are 60 year old anchor men with 30 year old women doing morning TV.

Amanda Grafenakis sang a Pink song - she looked like a rock star on stage, but when she opened her mouth that image dissipated. However to be fair she did improve as the song went on. Even if she gets through to the top 12 she is not the next Australian Idol.

Thanh Bui from Melbourne who was formerly was in a boy band sang a the U2 anthem One. After too many nights in Asian karaoke bars he is the singer you want on after the third bad rendition of Endless Love. Even though he still has some of the boy band moves (that is a negative thing) he was the stand out performer of the night.

They ended show by panning to John Foreman who was looking very cheery. This must mean his relationship with another reality tv star, So You Think You Can Dance Judge, Matt Lee must be going strong.

I predict Thank Bui and Luke Dickens to get through to the final 12.

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