Monday, September 1, 2008

Australian Idol - Semi Final 1

Are the Australian Idol producers trying to manipulate the top 12 by placing the strongest singers in the first semi-final first and last? Or did they think viewers would just keep watching until Wes Carr sang?

Anyway the ads were tantalising us with an announcement of an Idol first. Dicko after much waffling said the winner would get an Artist Development Program worth $200,000, as well as the record and management contract. This raises the question of how much the record contract is worth - clearly not much.

Chrislyn Hamilton from Qld the seventeen year old soul singer had to ignominy of being the first singer of the night. She sang Proud Mary. this girl has a huge likeability factor as well a big voice.

The young cowboy Mitchell Steele with the Marty Simpson eyebrows, is more Brokeback Mountain then A Fist Full Of Dollars , looked like a guy right out of his depth. We know he is country does he have to wear the hat all the time. I was surprised when Marcia said he was one of the more seasoned performers in the competition. He sang "Life Is A Highway" he was beyond ordinary - he won't even be able to get through on home town support as the town he is from has only 300 people in it.

Jaden Dowd was one of the expats from London sang "Finally" it was a great arrangement, except her voice was a bit wobbly. I must confess I was distracted by her black type pantsuit, and could not stop staring at her crotch because of the weird ruche arrangement it looked like she had multiple camel toes. She looked a bit shocked when Dicko said her performance was like something from an office piss up. I think she will be back eating dodgy curries and drinking pints very soon.

Olly Corpe the school student who appears to be more musical theatre and not pop - sang "Wonderful World". The french charm is not going to translate into votes after this ordinary performance. Maybe he needs to move back to Europe and audition for Eurovision.

I was gobsmacked that Kyle loved it - are they pushing for Olly to get in? Why are they so obsessed with the young boys this year?

The musical theatreish Nicole Banks from Melbourne sang "Black and Gold" was too cutsie from the song choice to the bow in her hair. She said she was ready to get away from her musical theatre background - I did not see any sign of this. The judges liked it.

The producers were not taking any chances with their star find Wes Carr, and gave him the prize last position to ensure he had the best chance to get through to the final 10 or was it final 12 even Andrew G was getting confused. He was outstanding. his issue will be people presuming he was through and voting for other people. It was a given that we will be seeing more of him. He satisfied Kyles marketability requirements as well as having an interesting voice.

Dicko had a good point when he said Wes may have a hard time as front runner, because if he does not improve then people get fed up and move onto other people to vote for.

Hard arsed Marcia is yet to emerge - her criticisms were equivalent of being smacked with a piece of wet lettuce.

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kim at allconsuming said...

Totally agree - what was that with crucifying Jaden and lauding Mitchell and Olly? BIZARRE. I mean, I know the judges have their plan and are just setting the audience up to do what they want, but COME ON.

The Dynasty Crotch Hugging Pant Suit was more than a wardrobe malfunction. I have contemplated sending a pic to Go Fug Yourself as punishment. I mean, it was BELTED with some sort of RIBBON. Train.Wreck.