Friday, September 26, 2008

Channel 9 Buries Survivor Fans V Favourites Like A Hidden Immunity Idol

Channel 9 must be determined to kill off the Survivor franchise in Australia as they have now decided to place it on a Tuesday night at 10.30pm.

So the most tedious show on TV 20 to 1 will lead it in. 20 to 1 is basically a 1 hour program which promotes Channel 9 personalities with bits of video footage in between. They must think this show will rate higher than Survivor.

This Survivor series brings back 10 favourites from previous series which will include Jonny Fairplay, James from China, and Ozzie.

TV Week has an interview with recent Emmy winner and the George Clooney of reality TV Jeff Probst here where he discusses the new series.

It should be noted this series has now finished in the US.

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