Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reality Tidbits

New Reality TV Show For Alex Perry On Foxtel

Designer and Australian Next Top Model judge Alex Perry will start filming a reality TV show next month. It is a bit unclear what it will be. He said it will be something "fun and different" and not a Big Brother style behind the scenes snapshot of his crazy life.

He said he would love to do a bridal aspect because the craziest stuff happens at weddings!

Now that would be cool our very own Bridezilla, though I am sure the society babes he designs for won't agree to that.

Expect to see his celebrity clients trying to raise their profile on his show.

Link to story here.

Australian Idol Contestant Sex Predator Finally Convicted.
In an article here in the Herald Sun it is revealed a sex offender has finally been convicted on charges for sexually assaulting 10 girls between 14 and 18 between 2003 and 2005.

Previously the Idol contestant had been through a harrowing court case with this same person for sexually assaulting her in the late '90's when she was 15. A jury did not convict him of the three sex related charges.

She states she is happy she had made the allegations against him. Did the jury get it wrong? Because of the nature of the charges the singer nor the year she was on Idol can be revealed, and out of respect for her I won't bother speculating.

Andrew G's Australian Idol Top Four Predictions
Andrew G reckons the top four will be Wes Carr, Mark Spano, Brooke Addamo and Roshani Priddis. I found the most interesting aspect in an article here where he reveals his and his wife's Noa's plans for kids.

Make Me A Supermodel Are Trying To Boost Ratings By Promoting The Best Bits Of The Upcoming Episodes.
Last week it was the stolen bottle of Bollinger by Hannah and this week it is the fight between Billy Bishop and Tom Penfold which is broken up by judge Jackie Frank. Apparently would be model Courtney was also injured in the melee.

This strategy appears to be working with the show cracking the over 1 million viewer mark for the first time last week.

The link between these to controversies appears to be Jackie Frank - will she turn into the Charlotte Dawson of this show, taking away the attention from the bland hosts?

Grant Hackett's Channel 7's Contract In Danger Because Of His Refusal To Go on Dancing With The Stars.
Now I always knew this guy had integrity and this confirms it by him refusing to go on that awful boring show Dancing With The Stars. Apparently he said no and David Leckie head of Channel 7 said he had to. Rumour has it that Hackett may be looking for a new contract elsewhere. Full story in the Daily Tele here.

Now I know this is off topic but can someone tell him to take his wife Candice out for a good feed as she looked incredibly scrawny at the Olympics.

In other Dancing With The Star News James Tobin from Sunrise (I have no idea who he is) and Renee Bargh from Channel V may be doing the wild thing.

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