Monday, September 22, 2008

Australian Idol - And Now There Were Ten - And Who Is Voting For Tom Williams??

Can all parents please confiscate their daughters mobile phones to ensure they are unable to vote for the untalented runt Tom Williams. He makes Zac Efron look butch.

Who else can be voting for him other then young teenage and tween girls? After last nights appalling performance of Uptown Girl - getting my teeth drilled was more interesting - only young teenyboppers and relatives could have voted for him.

And no one over 16 would find him attractive as he is pre-pubescent ie barely developed.

Anyway the people who had to take his place in the bottom three were Brooke Adamo, Thanh Bui, and Sophie Patterson.

Also with this new voting thing why do we have to sit through three of the worst performances from the previous evening? Tonight I don't think they were the worst. Why can't we see the best performances from the Sunday night show? This could be voted for on the official website.

Anyway Brooke could not be saved and was eliminated. She has talent and may have progressed further if she had waited a few more years before auditioning for the show.

The highlight was Cyndi Lauper singing Time After Time. She has been the best special guest performer this show has had since its inception.


Anonymous said...

Oh, agreed! I can't believe Tom is escaping bottom three. Bloody teen girls. Perhaps all the research $$ spent on devising the mosquito ringtone missed a vital point - teens might be able to hear frequencies that older people can't, but they are also completely tone deaf! Thanks for your updates. They save me from having to sit through the boring bottom three...

Reality Raver said...

LOL re: the mosquito ringtone.

The thing that pisses me of was that he was pretty ordinary all the way through, even at the audition.

It was like they had to tick the box of teen boy. They should have stuck with the red haired Harry Potter.

Laura said...

Yeah, who is voting for Tom and not Brooke.
I liked Brooke!
She was a better singer. No offence.

Anonymous said...

You're right - I'd totally forgotten about the 'ranga Harry Potter. That kid had oodles of personality. Jonny "you can tell how original I am by my totes original hair" Taylor was right in one respect: Tom has the dimple vote sewn up, and the dimple vote is one helluva powerful bloc!

Love this site - I get a daily feed so I don't miss any happenings in the "reality" world.

CamelCase Liz said...

Yeah, this Idol does seem very PC. Tick all minority group boxes, which I'm happy about, but the 'dimple vote' is churning my stomach.
Maybe there should be a Mature Idol Reality Show???? LOL

Also, I liked the clash of outfits from Cyndi and Marsha, what? Do the wardrobe department not speak to each other or was it a cruel joke.

Reality Raver said...

Laura - I agree Brooke had a great voice but she was not appealling to any voting bloc as the teen girls were using their mobile allowance for Tom.

Tom apparently did not know who Cyndi Lauper is. He needs to go.

Camelcase Liz - I think they had a mature aged Idol - it was called The X Factor. LOL.
Regarding the clothes the son of Richard Tyler strikes again. Remeber the shocking outfits Natalie Gauci used to get into.