Sunday, September 28, 2008

Australian Idol - Top 10 - Australian Hits

Bad Marcia is like the Loch Ness Monster, a few people have claimed to have seen it, but it has never been proven that it actually exists. Where is she? There appears be a Paula Abdul type Marcia where she says things that are incomprehensible and don't make sense. At least Paula has an excuse for her gobblydeegook as allegedly she has some pill or alcohol issue.

Anyway it was Australian Hits Night and Darren Hayes was mentoring the final ten. He was great as a guest judge at the London auditions but tonight I thought he soft cocked it.

Thanh Bui - Your The Voice - Johnny Farnham

Is he reading the blogs? Just because he is called the Asian Johnny Farnham did he think we actually wanted him to sing one of his songs? So instead of boy band moves this week, we have Farnsie moves including yelling out "Come on sing it, sing along". This is not going to get him out of the bottom three.

Dicko summed it up when he said "Not the coolest song".

Kyle advised "If you want to be a rock star you are going to have to lose the cheese."

Chrislyn Hamilton - Chains - Tina Arena
I clearly have spent far to many nights pissed in gay bars as I think I have seen far too many drag queens lip synch this song. Also some of Chrislyn's dance moves did remind me of Miss Penny Tration on a Thursday night at the Albury.

Having said that her singing was sensational and yes I like her better then Tina.

Tom Williams - "Light Surrounding You" - Evermore.

The good news was it better then his Uptown Girl last week, and he looked great. But god is low register is appalling.

Tom whose dream it was to be on Idol is starting to look like it is not fun anymore. At the end of his song awaiting the judges comments he had that look when Dorothy has when she realises "We're not in Kansas anymore" plus he teared up.

Marcia kindly told the Australian audience that he finished the song early, personally I had not noticed.

Tom is just completely out of his depth but the tween vote will keep him in.

Teale Jakubenko - Black Fingernails, Red Wine - Eskimo Joe
If Tom has the tween vote sown up, Teale must have the teenage vote sown up. I am in despair at the young people these days...

This guy reminds me of Tip Top White bread - so bland. He just tries too hard from his over acted performance to his designer facial hair.

"Rock posturing, and devil stare... just posturing" Dicko said.

The line of the night was when Teale said "I just wanted to show a different side of my personality" What personality I have yet to see any sign of one.

Darren Hayes - "It was world class" He thinks he would fit in Stadium Rock, this man is on drugs.

Roshani Priddis - Heading In The Right Direction - Renee Geyer.

Roshani decided to wear a table cloth tonight, however her earrings were amazing. The song was like musical calisthenics up and down and all around in a pared back arrangement which was nice. She will keep on going in the competition for awhile, but won't be there at the end.

Marcia told her to fly. What does that mean?

Kyle put it in perspective when he said and I am paraphrasing "I think you're great, but then people forget about you."

Wes Carr - Friday On My Mind - The Easybeats

It was funny when the owner of the recording studio where they were rehearsing was a member of the Easybeats and he had come to listen in. Coincidence that would make anyone feel slightly uncomfortable.

It was a great performance, and for the first time I thought he had sex appeal. I thought he lost it a bit when he ran up the stairs in the audience. There is no comparison between him and Teale - Wes has charisma, and Dicko basically said this when he threw Darren a glance and said "This is a rock star."

Luke Dickens - Flame Trees - Cold Chisel.

In a non-surprising move which I picked earlier this week that Luke would sing Chisel. However it is perfect for him. What is amazing about Luke is that for someone who only discovered that he could sing 12 -18 months ago when he was singing on a mates karaoke machine he looks so comfortable on stage. Again he will be safe.

Dicko asked him about whether he had been drinking too much, and Luke admitted he had. Obviously he tied one on at Kyle's wedding and he was still feeling the effects of it.

Sophie Patterson - Don't Hold Back - The Potbellies.

Sophie's earring's were amazing as well. Who is the jewellery sponsor. Sophie must wish that Darren was mentoring her each week. He gave her great advice go back to what you do best. Also he must have told her to look at Brooke White from this years American Idol. Sophie was so much better. Just maybe she has saved herself.

Mark Spano - Age of Reason - John Farnham

This was the weirdest song choice of the evening. Why he picked Farnham when Thanh has the John Farnham groupies tied up is beyond me. I thought he would have picked something rockier like Hunters and Collectors. Also why were people picking songs that are over ten years old infact Tom Williams would not have been alive when this song came out.

Madam Parker - Hook Me Up - The Veronica's
Points are given for picking a song that was sung in the noughties.
However the cutsie girl thing complete with hair curling with her finger just did not do it for me. She looked great but I was a bit worried about some of the camera angles with her short dress.

Marcia did the cop out "How did it feel up there?"
Dicko thought "It felt wrong" and I would have to agree.

Bottom three - Thanh, Madam Parker, and Tom


Anonymous said...

Tom was slightly better last night than he has been to date, but you are right on his low register. And even being slightly better, he was definitely the weakest of the group. I'm with you on the Teale mystery - who is voting for him? Tom and Teale, Bland and Blander.

Loved Luke. Great song choice, but Flame Trees doesn't really work when it's been cut back that much. Wes and Chrislyn also fab. Hoping that Tom bites it this week... but that's my "every week" hope, and a forlorn one it is!

Can't watch tonight, so will be counting on a blow-by-blow recap of the elim! (Yes, I could tape it, but am taping the inaugural Top Gear (Australia) and can't do two at once...

Reality Raver said...

I will try and do my best on the recap. There is only about 10 mins of viewing in the one hour show.

I will be interested to hear what you think of Top Gear.

American Football is being recorded, as will Ice Road Truckers, only watched it for the first time last week and found it strangely addictive.

Change Agent said...

LOL injera about bland and blander!
I was again sickened by the infestation of Farnsey & Barnsey numbers.

Where was "Wide Open Road" by the Triffids or "Under the Milky Way" The Church? Or "Holy Grail" the footy anthem by 'Hunners' lol.
Or Cat Empire "The Car Song"? "Youre Beautiful" by Little Birdy? Dragon, Sherbet, ACDC, You am I, Ratcat, anything that actually rocked!

Is Michael Gudinski behind all this crap? Tired old producers whissing in the pockets of mates? Old radio hacks churning out nepotistic shite, urgh! Please change advisors to these happy little singing bunnies. Australian Idle.

Reality Raver said...

Change Agent I agree. But I think they get given a list of songs each week that they have to pick from.

This was the big controversy on American Idol this year that they only were give 50 songs to choose from, so maybe that is what is happening here.

The producers and judges seem to get scared about people doing 'unknown' songs. I think if a contestant wants to take that risk they should be allowed to.

Anyway next week is Abba so they won't be able to manipulate that. I suspect there will be a fair bit of roadkill after that show - they are tough songs to sing.