Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Australian Idol - Season 6 - And now there were nine

Sorry about the belated recap of the Idol elimination but I was so excited with Tom Williams, Teale and Madam Parker making the bottom 3 that I popped the champagne and turned into a right lush.

Unfortunately the truth is a bit more boring then that.

To paraphrase many a reality TV judge and compere "Australia got it right".

Highlights of the evening were:
  • James Mathison and Ricki-Lee struggling to interview Teale and Madam Parker and make it interesting.
  • Madam Parker makes Casey Donovan interview technique look positively sparkling, and Teale who was talking about having a personality, now if you have to talk about it....
  • Darren Hayes who continues to sing the praises of the talent of Teale confirmed his male crush when he said "Teale blew me away."
Anyway Tom Williams was not going to be saved by the tweens this time. Parents all over Australia had taken the phones out of their little ones hands, and like having to explain why a beloved pet has to be put down they said "He is in pain, let him go."


Anonymous said...

Yay! No more Tom! Such good news... Here's hoping that next boot is Teale. I think Madam might have a personality under there but hasn't unleashed it yet. Perhaps this will prompt her to let it out (and then we can get rid of Mark "maybe Metamucil is a good idea" Spano).

I'm watching Top Gear later today - might post on it over on my blog, if it's worth posting on!

Reality Raver said...

Cool I will go an have a look. I have seen a couple of episodes of UK version of Top Gear and I thought it quite good considering I am not into cars.

Laura said...