Friday, September 26, 2008

Aussie Version Of Ladette To Lady

Clearly I have been hiding under a rock as I have just found out there is an Australian series of the Ladette to Lady being worked on.

The British version of the show has been extremely popular here. The premise of the show is turning Ladettes (slappers) into Lady's (rather dull young women) with one being eliminated each week. Expect to see a cameo by Jane Ferguson, Sarah's sister, at some stage.

The Channel 9 website has pictures of some of the Australian applicants here.


Anonymous said...

Oh, say it ain't so! I'm not saying we don't have slappers here in Australia, but... we don't call them ladettes. And we don't have that existing social class division that slappers could transform to (i.e. "ladies?), do we? Bogan to... what? And wasn't Australian Princess our version of that, anyway>

Oh, who am I kidding, I'll be watching...

Reality Raver said...

Bogan to Bourgeoisie???

I think Australian Princess refrained from giving out large amounts of alcohol to the girls to get good TV, something that happens with alarming regularity on the UK version of the show.

Anonymous said...

Love it. I'll back you up in a claim against Ten when it appears under your title.