Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Australian Idol - Some Tidbits on the Contestants

TV Week has snippets of information on Season 6 Australian Idol contestants.

Brooke Adamo in Sunday's show Brook revealed her biological father was abusive to her father, what she did not say was he suicided when she was seven. She said "I was seven when my birth dad took his life. I have a few memories of him. He was ok with me, but he was abusive to my mum. He was troubled. It was his life and he chose to do that. Sure, it's negative , but I use it as a positive in my music and in accepting how I feel."

Brooke was adopted by her step dad when she was ten.

Tom Williams did not think he deserves to be in the top 12. He said he was suffering from an ear infection and knew his voice was below par in the top 24 round.

"I wasn't happy with my performance. I could've done a lot better. And also, with Natalie Colavito, I almost feel I've stolen a position from her because she was amazing.... I honestly think Natalie should have gone through."

He also revealed he liked pop/rock side of things, but is not afraid to crack out a melodic tune or hard rock song. "I'm pretty diverse, my worst enemy is my nerves."

Chrislyn Hamilton says she won't succumb to the pressure to slim down. "I was bullied a lot in primary school, but now I just want to embrace being big. The public voted for me as I am, so I don't feel the need to change myself."

Also she is sick of being compared to Casey Donovan. "I know she is overweight as well, but I don't want to be known as the girl who's like Casey. I just want to be me."

Thanh Bui says that being on Idol has derailed his baby plans. "We were going to have kids this year" he said. "I supposed to knock up my wife!" He has been married for two years and met her in Thailand.

Wes Carr thought he would fine fame with the band Tambalane the band he was in with Silverchair drummer Ben Gillies. They had a self-titled album and did a nationwide tour, however the band did not take off.

However Wes reflects "I was not really ready [for fame]. I'm a lot more comfortable in my own skin now and ready to take on something like Idol."

Madam Parker left her three year old son Hayzell with his father in New Zealand. She is finding it hard and speaks to him daily. "I'dlike him here when I am financially stable. I moved to Sydney because I wanted a change of lifestyle, and there's more scope here for my music."

Teale Jakubenko reveals his girlfriend of three years isn't happy with his sex symbol status (am I missing something here - when did he become the show's sex symbol?). However wedding bells are not in the immediate future. "I want to get my life on track first. Then we'll see if it's meant to be."

Luke Dickens will be a father soon with his girlfriend of three years Brooke. "I didn't really want kids. My dad left pretty early and that got to me. We don't see enough of each other or talk enough - he's a hard man but a good man."

Also his relationship is not perfect either. "My girl and I were going through a rough patch when she fell pregnant. It wasn't good timing." However they have worked things out and he is looking forward now to the birth of his child.

Roshani Priddis wants to go to Sri Lanka to see where she is from. She was adopted from Sri Lanka and does not know her birth parents.

Mark Spano reveals Thanh Bui used to be his singing teacher. "We were really good friends and he's always been supportive of me. Singing lessons stopped after a polyp was discovered in his throat."

Sophie Patterson has said she won't be returning to London. She will use her exposure on the show to further her musical career.

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