Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Biggest Non Story Of The Day Has To Be This...

In today's Daily Tele Confidential there is a little vignette about how Dean Geyer was about to buy some "funky footwear" but was informed they were girls shoes.

What was the frigging point of this story? Does anyone care? Is there no gossip going on that they had to put this vacuous blurb in or are they trying to imply Dean Geyer is a cross dresser.

Could this be the real reason why the Veronica broke of their engagement because she caught him rummaging through her closet too many times? I thought it was because he would not do the horizontal folk dance with her.

Anyway my blog on this is about as tenuous considering Dean reality tv days are over having been on Australian Idol in 2006.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Dean Geyer has been working rather too hard to become an overnight sensation. First, Idol doesn't propel him into the superstar category, so he hooks up with a Veronica and tries for the Neighbours "I wanna be a star" leg-up. Now it's the tabloid is-he-isn't-he coverage. What won't he do? (I hope young Tom is taking notes for the future...)

Reality Raver said...

LOL. Maybe he has Max Markson - king of publicity as his manager. You wonder what he will do next.