Monday, September 1, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel Tyson Beckford strips to Boost Ratings

In a desperate bid to improve ratings Tyson Beckford the model judge on Channel 7's Make Me a Supermodel has stripped at a Marie Claire party in a bid to create some frission on the show.

The disappointingly rated show needs something to bring it to life as when my recording cut of before the end of the show as it was running overtime, I did not care who were in the bottom three to be voted off.

The show is bland with the judges and the ever nice Jennifer Hawkins just not hitting their straps. Even the imported talent Tyson is not bringing it, however if I get to see him in the full monty on tv I may change my mind.

Full story here.


Onadrought said...

Since I can't get channel 10 up here in the outback, I am relishing any reality TV I can get. I know the NT is backwards, but how hard is it to broadcast channel time in these times of technology. So I look forward to Supermodel. I am not usually into black men, but Tyson is hot.

What was not hot about the show this week was the obsession on skinniness, weighing the girls and congratulating them on being 50kg. Whilst I know models have to be a certain body weight, I don't think there should be weighins or anything. I have just found out that I am enormous in that the last time I weighed 50kgs was when I was 14 and I am way shorter than even Kate Moss.Shame on Ms Frank who in her mag has said they are against promoting eating disorders.

As the public gets to vote on who stays, as in other reality shows, niceness could win out. Miss jiggly bits Sarah has shown maturity and grace , I hope this gives her some staying power against the bitches.

Reality Raver said...

I cannot believe you think Tyson is hot. Clearly there are no goodlooking guys up in the Northern Territory. God can't you find a swedish backpacker or something???

Agree about the weigh, indeed I was shocked considering they were having a go one of the girls for being underweight. It did not stop them putting her through!

Obviously you are going to back Darwin girl Sarah.

It will be interesting about who the public will vote for will it be on personality or model potential. Really this is no more then a pretty girls/guys popularity contest equivalent to the Homecoming Queen in the US