Friday, September 12, 2008

Gordon Ramsey - Lesson To Channel 9 When You Are Onto a Good Thing, Don't Flog It To Death

Has Channel Nine's magic rating bullet Gordon Ramsey suddenly imploded? The much trumpeted new series of Kitchen Nightmares USA appears to be tanking.

This was confirmed when Nine's boss, David Gyngell yanked Ramsey from the Monday timeslot after just the first program in the new series was shown. With just 732,000 viewers it will move from 8.30 Monday's to 10.00pm on a Wednesday.

Gyngell only has himself to blame for the Gordon fatigue that has suddenly struck viewers, as earlier this year everytime you switched to Channel 9 there would be his scowling face on the TV screen as they continually screened one of his many TV shows.

However Media Monkey in The Guardian has a different view blaming this viewer malaise on the Brits winning more gold medals at the Olympics then the Australians.

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