Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reality Tidbits

Jodhi Meares Forced To Face Fears For Finale of Aust Next Top Model.

Jodhi who was acknowledged to have choked at last years live finale of Australia's Next Top Model will now have to do it all over again. At the time Jodhi had said she would never do live TV again. Well clearly her bosses at Fox 8 had a different view.

This years live finale is to be bigger and better then last year. It will be in Luna Park with 2000 VIP guests.

The problem with Jodhi and live tv is that she very rarely adlibs and never goes off script which does not make good live TV.

Full story here.

American Idol Season 8 Viewers Give Their Ideas On How to Improve Idol.
Now it is time for the wash up of Idol after the fabulous finale where David Cook overcame the wholesome Archuleta. This year again there was a fall in ratings, however it does still make it the highest rating show on US TV.

Viewers have posted there opinions on how to improve the show for next season. Dicko would love one suggestion as one punter said they should give the judges of America's Next Big Rock Band a go at the judging table.

However a very interesting and provocative suggestion is as follows:
My big recommendation is one that Idol will never take: Get rid of the phone-in votes and instead base the eliminations on overnight iTunes sales. Since Idol is supposed to be a talent competition to determine who has what it takes to be crowned a genuine pop star, this method would actually and legitimately prove which contestants have the ability to move some product.

This could have a completely different spin on the competition however the winner would be itunes as currently in the US you don't have to pay to vote, but obviously would to download the song.

Full article here maybe Australian Idol may want to take up a few of the suggestions.

David Cook and Lacey fling appears to have petered out.
David Cook is doing what all good rock stars do, and makes sure he is taking the opportunity in partaking in the numerous women that are flinging themselves at him. Lacey Schwimmer from SYTYCD appears to be off the menu, but his predilection for reality tv chicks appears to continue with him confirming he has been on a date with American Idol Season 2 contestant Kimberley Caldwell.

Jordan Loukas inspired by Jodhi Meares.
Jordan Loukas who won fan favourite in last season Australia's Next Top Model has decided to take inspiration from the shows host Jodhi Meares and start a swimsuit label.

Jordan who has had mixed success since the show clearly has decided a different career direction is needed. Her and another ANTM graduate Simmone Duckmanton will start their own swimwear label. The girls are apparently designing the pieces themselves, but now word if they have any financial backing or if it is just them. Good luck.

Full story here.

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