Thursday, May 8, 2008

Michael Evicted From Big Brother Has A Brain Explosion When Questioned About Stripper Girlfriend

Michael one of the intruders who was eliminated from Big Brother yesterday, is having a brain explosion now that it has been revealed that his girlfriend is a stripper.

He states she was in sales and promotions, but just knew a lot of girls that were strippers at Kittens nightclub in Melbourne. It was even confirmed by the club that she worked there.

In an interview with Garth Montgomery of the Daily Tele is a lesson in how not to handle the media once they have gotten some unwelcomed gossip on you.

After Garth queried whether he was being a hypocrite about bitching about Brigette's wanting to make money out of her boobs the brain explosion begun.

Is there some hypocrisy in this given your girlfriend is a stripper? Garth asked.
She’s not a stripper, how do you know that. What? That’s so stupid. My girlfriend does sales and promotion. She knows a lot of girls who are strippers. She’s definitely not a stripper. The fact a strip club says it is a load of crap, and a friend could have been joking.

Things turned ugly with further quotes like these.

If you write that then I can get things done. I have a bit of pull, that’s how I got on the show. I can post things about you and question whether it’s true.

It’s crap, you’re just trying to come up with some gossip, is there someone higher up I can speak to?

Do my lawyers have to contact you?

What you’re saying is total…the fact you posted that is lame. I’m saying right now that she’s not a stripper. The fake my girlfriend has fake boobs and dolls herself up…I will write stuff about you and the Daily Telegraph.

Full article here.

Also apparently Michael's girlfriends career sideline is going to be a shock to her parents with another article here

The girlfriend Amy is probably dumping him about now.


ZAPKVR said...

I read that and I don't even watch the show. I reckon it's hilarious.

Reality Raver said...

Agree. A lesson in how not to deal with the media 101.