Saturday, May 3, 2008

Chloe Lattanzi sings "Toxic" Another Mesmerising Performance On Rock The Cradle

Matt Lattanzi really got done over in his divorce from Olivia Newton-John as he is now living in a Tepee. However he has retained some Australian culture from his time of marriage with Our 'Liv as he plays the didgeridoo.

He has aged well his pretty boy looks now settling into a more rugged look. However there must be a bald patch as the head was covered at all time. Both he and Olivia were in the audience for their child's performance of Toxic also sung by Brittany Spears. Clearly Chloe and Olivia share the same plastic surgeon.

The performance which can been seen here shows the usual Chloe Lattanzi spectrum of emotions. She appears slightly unstable I know you cannot blame the parents for everything, however if Olivia decides to front a parenting show I am going to start a picket line at that studio.

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