Saturday, May 17, 2008

Help - My Kid Is A Star - Who Won????

I cannot freaking believe it I have sat through every episode of this thoroughly crap show and I forgot to tape the finale.

I only realised when I walked past a shop just after midday and it was on their tv's. Needless to say I was not go to stand there and watch it as that would have looked too tragic.

So who won? Hopefully Tom as him and his mother were the only likeable team on the series.

I don't think we will be seeing this show on our screens again. However to be fair I don't think it was the format's fault I think it was Channel 9 and the producers.

  • This is what they did wrong:
    $50,000 prize money, basically said to the viewing public that this was all the producers thought it was worth.
  • Tacky mansion, and limo's just highlighted cheapness of the show.
  • Cameron Daddo was non descript, and hosting without shaving and in tshirts showed his heart was not into the concept.
  • Talent of judges - Danny Bonaduce was good, however he was flown out for 2 days to film, Marki Costello was ok in the beginning but became far to screechy in the end, probably from hysteria of what she has gotten herself into. Max Markson started out enthusiastically but seemed to fade in each episode. The highlight was Harry M Miller smirking when he has to judge the children.
  • Talent of children and likeability of parents - None of these kids were truly talented, and I will be surprised if we see any of them again. The parents which was what the show was really about were unlikeable, except for Mara, Tom's mum, who was not deluded about her son's talent.
  • The editing even before the dropped it to half an hour episodes was appalling. You never got to know any of the contestants, therefore you felt no emotional attachment to them (to me this is key in reality tv). You only saw snippets of them performing so it was difficult to decide what they could actually do.

This show could work, with better prizes to attract higher quality talent. A more charismatic host and judges why did they need to drag 75% from overseas to be on it, Cameron Daddo has no profile here anymore especially in the under 30 market.
Edit so we see what the kids can do, and if you need to make money to improve production values, let the tv viewers decide who is going to be eliminated.


Laura said...

I'm guessing Dale or Thomas won. =]

Reality Raver said...

TJ won - cute but what talent did she have????

Reality Raver said...

TJ won - cute but what talent did she have????