Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol - Final 3

With David Archuleta’s dad banned from backstage and rehearsals will the favourite start to choke or will he blossom without being dominated?

Will Syesha Mercardo be a dark horse for the competition as she is truly peaking at the right time?

Will David Cook after a mediocre week for him last week put his own spin on some songs tonight to ensure he makes the final?

Tonight there are three songs, on the judges picked, one the producers picked, and one they got to pick themselves.

Round 1 - Judges Choice

David Archuleta judges song was Billy Joel’s “And So It Goes” chosen by Paula Abdul. On hearing what the song was he said “Oh God Paula is on the sauce again, because this song is shite. I am only 17 for christsakes” Well that is what I wished he said. It sounded like a national anthem, and about as riveting. But clearly I am about the only one not getting Archuleta as there was squeals and cheers throughout.

Randy said “You can sing anything. Your in it to win it.”
Paula said “It was a pure and stunning performance.”
Simon said “It was very good, no surprises, bit predictable. It was good, I don’t think it was outstanding.”

Syesha Mercardo’s song was chosen by Randy Jackson. It was the Alicia Keys song “If I’ve Got

She was happy with it, as she is a big fan as Alicia.

She had the diva hair, the diva dress and the diva song. She looked supremely confident on stage, and she sang it very well. God can she really get to top two?

Randy said “Amazing job. I am so happy you are peaking at the right time in the competition.”
Paula said “Look absolutely stunning.”
Simon said “You sang it very well. I wish Randy had picked something for you that you weren’t going to sound like the original…. You look gorgeous by the way.”

David Cook’s judges choice “First Time I Ever Saw Your Face” by Roberta Flack. Simon picked it because it is a great song and different. It gives David an opportunity to do something different with it.

Some blonde woman who I hope was his mother stood up the whole song and looked adoringly at him. Phew it was his mother.

He was amazing, and Simon again was proven to be correct in his pick of song. The tone in his voice was great, and he gave great eyes down the camera.

Randy said “I have been a David Cook fan since day one. I just wish Simon had picked something less predictable then this old song, because I want you to rock baby.” Cue to crowd booing, and Simon rolling his eyes.

Simon said “This may sound a little bit biased but I think this is one of your best performances to date. This is what makes you brilliant you take risks and you are original. I think round one went to Simon and Cook.”

Round 2 - Contestant Choices.

Ryan Seacrest chats to David Archuleta on the stool. Of course Ryan did not ask about the father. David’s song choice was “With You” by Chris Brown ( Am I a complete dag I have never heard of this guy.

He decided he wanted a more youthful song. Fabulous. In fact it was the boppiest I have ever seen him. Much better then round 1.

No panning to Dad in the audience I note.

Randy said “I am not sure it was the right song to sing. I didn’t believe it.”
Paula said “I think you should be singing songs like this. Just shorten up the phrases a little bit.”
Simon said “It was a bit like a chihahua trying to be a tiger. Not really you I thought the dancing…..”

Syesha Mercardo chose “Fever” by Peggy Lee. She liked the vibe of the song, and use a chair.
Her voice and arrangement sounded great. But so overacted a bit like a musical. The chair was irrelevant.

Randy said “A very interesting song choice, you sang it amazingly well.”
Paula said “I surprised you picked this song, I am not sure it shows me who Syesha is as an artist.”
Simon said “I think you will probably regret that choice tomorrow, as you had the opportunity to choose a song to show you are a contemporary recording artist, instead you did quite a lame cabaret performance.”

David Cook picked Switch foot “Dare You To Move”. Played his guitar. He has really benefited by the new rule change this year with the instruments. He hasn’t used it to much like Jason Castro did.

Randy said “Great song choice. A little pitchy baby.”
Paula said “I just thought you got to the beginning when it ended.”
Simon said “It was pretty much what I would have expected and I thought all three of you had an ok middle round.”

Round 3 Producer’s Choice.

David A got to sing “Longer” by Dan Fogleburg. A solid song by him but again no surprises.

Randy gushed “Another hot one from you.”
Paula said “Very lovely.”
Simon said “I thought you sung it very well, and I thought the song and lyrics was s very gooey. I do think you have done enough to get into the finals next week.”

Syesha sang “Hit Me Up” by Rhianna. It was good, a bit screechy in parts. A lot of pelvic thrusts - I thought this was a family show?

Randy said “It was just ok for me.”Paula said “You did the song very well. I don’t think it defines you as an artist. I don’t think it will be good enough to get you in the finals of American Idol.”
Simon said “The problem with that song it is a little bit forgettable, it did not give you the defining moment I would have liked at the end of the show.”

David Cook sang “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing.”

It was great, though he did some weird thing at the end of it.
Randy said “It was ok for me. Predictable.”

Paula said “See ya in the finals.”
Simon said “One of the great songs of all time, and David Cook wins the night.”
David didn’t look real happy as he was wondering if Simon had just wrecked his chances of making final 2 by anointing him.

I think the final two will be the Davids. But I am so over David Archuleta. I don't get the attraction to him. He is boring and he never changes. But it would be a shock to see Syesha there in the end.


soobee said...

I have been over David Archuleta for several weeks now, but Syesha now bugs me no end because she has become SO sassy, so LOOK AT ME, so I'm IN DA HOUSE! Get over yourself, Syesha. You're good, but not ALL THAT. Rawker David Cook is in the finale and at this point is the one to beat. David v David next week. Watch it. The producers want it, the judges want it, and America wants it, and so that's what we'll get.

Or "what a mess" time! It was ridiculous tonight. It was as if Idol had never put on a top three show, except that THIS IS SEASON SEVEN. Staging was off, lines were flubbed, contestants were befuddled. I guess Nigel was too busy prepping for SYTYCD. Fine by me.

Round one: David Archuleta is given And So It Goes (Billy Joel, yawn) by Paula and is solid but boring. Sayesha tries to sing Alicia Keys, but cannot pull it off. Randy, dawg, what?! Cook gets Roberta Flack by Simon (I LOVE SIMON) and totally mellow rocks it; by far the best performance of the night.

Round two: Awful. Archuleta should NEVER, EVER try to sing Chris Brown again. Sayesha goes all Peggy Lee and starts making out using a wooden chair. Cook picks some Switchfoot song (who?!) and is flat. See ya, bye, round two.

Round three. Archuleta gets a "gooey" Dan Fogelberg song. He sings it well, but I'm trying not to nap during it. Sayesha gets Hit Me Up by...someone. She flails about. It's ridiculous. She is gone. Cook gets Aerosmith (I didn't recognize the song, but Oscar at BuddyTV did). He does an interesting job with it (huge range and presence), but it's not as good as his song was during round one.

Going home: Syesha

Here was my brief review on the SYTYCD website:

Reality Raver said...

It was an ok show but not great.

I found Randy Jackson this season really dull, saying the same phrases with no originality.

Paula last night for once was good. She actually gave some constructive criticism, and of course Simon made the most sense.

With falling ratings maybe they need to swap one of the judges and bring someone new in.