Thursday, May 1, 2008

American Idol - Top Four revealed

Is an eliminated Idol’s final song an opportunity to say thank you to your fans and your last opportunity to show any watching record execs what you can do? Or is an a time to have a complete physical, spiritual and emotional breakdown?

Personally I thought it was the former, but clearly Brooke White takes the latter view.

It was probably the worst elimination song performed ever with Brooke sobbing before during and after her performance. Syesha got into the spirit of things and had a bit of a cry too, but David Cook just looked stunned and tried to push her forward on the stage.

Then when it finished she ran to the back of the stage and Ryan Seacrest went to comfort her.

Hey what about a wave to the crowd and to all those people who have voted for you for weeks at home.

The other person in the bottom two tonight was Syesha, I was very surprised that Jason Castro avoided this ignominy last night.

However he did not avoid the ignominy of the group number which was a Neil Diamond medley.

The top five just lumbered through it with very little enthusiasm or energy. Honourable mention must go to David Cook who did try to inject some charisma into his solo moments.

The only other highlight of the elimination show was the viewer call in, now I know most people hate this segment, but I find it vaguely amusing. Tonight apparently Simon’s first kiss when he was nine years old in the back of his garden called in. Simon handled it with his usual aplomb.

I couldn’t help wondering if it was a Nigel Lythgoe set up.

So it is now down to three guys and one girl and next week it is songs from the Hall of Fame.

Jason and Syesha are probably guaranteed bottom two next week.


soobee said...

Well, THAT was a ridiculous show. I felt badly for Brooke, but she had to know it was coming. Brief thoughts:

I have no idea who is voting for Jason Castro, except maybe the Idol website people. STOP IT. Make him go away.

I was happy for Syesha. She's worked hard for it.

Natasha Bedingfield was very good, and very funny when she went to sit with the contestants. I had no idea she was so young.

The calls were funny this week, especially the first crush of Simons.

The top two will be David C and David A, except if people stop voting for David C. I am trying to start the Vote for David C campaign.

It's time to start SYTYCD. The promos got me very excited, though it was odd seeing the way Nigel was dressed.

Anonymous said...

About time this drippy, hippy-fake emotional manipulator was voted off.

soobee said...

Well, last year it was LaKisha (big voice, not drippy). This year it should be Jason, which fits your descriptiong. ;-)