Monday, May 5, 2008

Corey Worthington Proves He Is A Charisma Free Zone.

Max Markson must have decided this was the last money he was going to make out of notorious party boy Corey Worthington. Most managers try to ensure that any press appearances are stage managed, but Max has put Corey on a show where he will be scrutinised 24 hours a day.

My first impression is he is just another not very bright pimply teenager well actually it confirms what I thought after the 'party' incident.

People will be bored of him within 48 hours, as he really is not appear to be a likeable nor interesting person.

Now the new inmates Nathan, Michael, and Barney look much more interesting. As they are older it will be good to watch how they handle the younger crowd.


dinorawr said...

I just cannot believe how much money he is getting. It's disgusting. $20,000 for Sunday's "appearance", and a further $10,000 for each episode he appears in afterwards. He said the other night he was going to be there for ten days or something? So that's like $100,000. It makes me want to vomit.

Reality Raver said...

You wonder how long BB is going to keep in on there. I presume it will be as long as the ratings are ok.

The housemates all seem to like him, but I have not seen any sign of a personality.